Sunday, January 15, 2017

Two days in one, again

Yesterday wiped me out.  I got up, did my morning routine, and headed off to the warehouse with Ron. 

We were meeting "Jack" (not his real name), who's helped us a few times.  This time, though, we had a lot of merchandise.  I wondered how we would fit it all in his old pickup. 

He showed up in his newer pickup, it had a good truck bed and a "lid" to cover the merchandise.  We had some overflow, but he put it in the backseat, along with Ron and his wheelchair. 

We got to work and unloaded.  I got everything in the building.  I stocked everything, including the coffee machine. 

Then we paid all the medical bills, about $2K.  On the one hand, ouch.  That's pretty painful.  That ran more than our property tax this year, or, looking at it another way, is equivalent to our regular homeowners insurance, PLUS flood insurance for a year's coverage. 

On the other hand, rehab alone cost $33K.  I needed Ron in rehab so I could run the business.  Ron needed rehab so he could learn to walk again.  So, I guess at the end of it, it was a "bargain". 

Still... and it took forever to write out the checks, return address labels, stamps, writing the patient account numbers (all of them different) on the checks.  I did it, though.  Then I wrote the check number, date and amount paid on all the original bills so we can reference them in case of any problems. 

Happily, no one "bothered" me while I did it.  They respected the fact I was working, in a different way.  Not to mention all those stamps applied pay their salaries. 

I found it interesting, Ron received all his care in Houston, but most of the billing went to Dallas.  I guess Dallas is big on medical billing for Houston doctors and organizations. 

I dropped them all off at the mailbox and went back to Ron, helped him out until we left. 

I came home, pretty tired after all the physical and mental focus.  Ron had scheduled enough time for me to get a nap. 

I took it.  I forget if it was a good quality but I got some rest.  Ron wanted to go to the BBQ place and get a rack of ribs. 

We did that.  I got a hamburger, which was very good and comprised of angus beef.  It was very filling and a half pound. 

We came home pretty late (our ride home got caught up in traffic) and went to bed.  I slept pretty well and got up at 6.  Well, I set my alarm for 6 but I ended up getting up at 7.  I took my shower and got dressed, we were going to the pet store. 

Ron was almost out of cat treats.  Walmart hasn't had the big ones for a while.  The big, one pound, canisters are his favorite. 

The cats go through a lot of treats. 

Baby Girl could also use a new scratching post.  She has one wrapped in sisal with a rope topper, and she loves it.  She's tearing it to pieces, but it's taken a couple years and she's been having a good time with it. 

We went, we rode with another couple on the way.  We picked them up at a very "posh" subdivision, where the homes start at probably 3 x what my house is worth.  I'm fine with that.  The homeowner's association is probably "up in all their business" every minute of the day and night.  I prefer a little laxity. 

The woman was just horrible, yelling at the man, yelling at the driver, just very rude overall.  The man was rather odd.  We chatted for a little while and then he asked me if I was happy. 

That's not a question you ask a stranger.  I told him I was "as happy as I could be" which I thought was a diplomatic way of saying "Battling a horrific depression right now".  If devotion to God eliminated mental illness, I'd be cured.  I'm not perfect but I'm committed.  I didn't say that. 

Ron, of all people, said we had a church, and named it.  I was shocked.  The man invited us to his church again, apparently it is a "foursquare" church, whatever that is.  We politely declined and Ron got the man talking about BBQ. 

We finally got dropped at the Starbucks next to the pet store.  I got a kolache, pushing Ron in the wheelchair, and then we went to the coffeeshop.  Ron got a mocha (they messed it up, it was supposed to be cold but they made it hot instead). 

I headed out to the store.  I didn't find any good scratching posts in our budget, and will look on Amazon instead.  I did find the cat treats, and bought a bag of cat food because we always need that. 

I also bought a corrugated scratcher.  It was basically a cardboard box with holes in it, designed for scratching.  I don't know if the cats will like it, they did rub up against it and ate the treats I put inside. 

The adoption cats were all precious, and had truly tragic stories.  I wanted to take them all home. 

I walked back to the coffee shop, carrying the scratcher, bag of food, and a bag of cat treats. I made it. 

Our ride finally showed to go home.  It was an immigrant driver.  I don't mind them but some of them have atrocious English.  This guy could barely understand "left" and "right".  I understand it is hard to learn another language but maybe practice speaking it at home, too.  We had a lady wearing purple satin in the back seat next to Ron.  I guess she was going to or from church. 

We got home and I set up the corrugated thing, the cats were mildly interested.  Maybe it will grow on them, or maybe I'll give it to "the cat guy" at work who has 3 cats. 

I do know I need to buy a new scratching post, although Baby Girl seems pretty happy with the old one. 

I took a nap.  I slept pretty well, take it when I can, and #6 woke me up playing outside in the yard.  I decided to do my God Time, which I'd missed this morning.  I did that, and Torbie joined me.  I noticed her "nethers" weren't exactly "fresh". 

They need to go on a diet, all of them. 

I still loved on Torbie, though. 

When Ron got up I told him we need to put the cats on a diet and explained why.  Ron said he wouldn't be able to do that.  They would beg and he would cave into their demands.  I would have to be the food administrator. 

I told him I'd do that once they ate up the current food they have in their bowl.  They might as well enjoy it.  Then it's 1/2 cup a day, plus treats.  I think that is pretty generous.  Biscuit will also get his canned food twice a day. 

I don't necessarily want to get them skinny, just at a healthier weight where they can groom themselves properly.  Torbie could develop joint issues carrying the weight, and I don't want that.  She already takes a lot of time stretching before she gets up or jumps onto anything. 

Ron said I was a hypocrite, because I'm not going on a diet.  I told him I can still clean my butt.  He said I am making excuses that I have to take my pills with food.  If he could see, I would show him the labels in the medication.  He also fails to understand the medication messes with my metabolism. 

At any rate, he accepts they need to be on a diet.  I am sure he will forget that when he is drunk but I can only do what I can do.  I'm just hoping to reduce their overall intake, which, I think, is the best way anyway. 

He also said the toilet sounded funny when he flushed it, and asked me to pour some drain cleaner down the bathroom drain.  I did that, locking the door so Biscuit can't get into the lye.  The last time I put drain cleaner in the kitchen sink, Biscuit shoved his head in the drain.  He's very curious, too much so. 

I need to reconcile my bank accounts and then buy Ron something on Amazon.  He also said he needed vitamins.  He put some money in my account so I can do that. 

I also need to make some dinner, take my pills, and then do up my pills for next week. 

So much for a day "off"! 


Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

i wish life was more " normal" sometimes. But like you i truly see it could be worse . The kitties sound very cute! We need pics

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are putting your kitties on a diet. How much do they weigh? Mine is about 17.4 right now and it is really hard to get him to lose weight. I don't want to starve him or get him to lose it too fast as they are only supposed to lose half a pound to a pound a month. My kitty has been losing an ounce every few months but he is always hungry and meowing and sulks for food. Unfortunately I think he will always want to overeat because whoever had him before us probably overfed him and he thinks it is normal. Good luck with your kitties plan.

Anonymous said...

The cats will live longer, healthier lives if not overweight, they will have more energy too.
I can't take any meds or vitamins without food, we need food to uptake the meds in a gradual manner. My pharmacist is really emphasizes that. Food, food, food. You need to keep doing what works for you. Keeping you in my prayers.

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