Monday, January 2, 2017

Last day of vacation

My last day of "vacation", I slept in.  It rained pretty hard, we had a weather front come through.  I laid in bed and listened to the rain. 

I got up, ate my breakfast (a Diet Mountain Dew and a protein bar, as always), took my shower, and did my God Time.  I watched a couple episodes of Supernatural (the TV show with Sam and Dean fighting Bad Things). 

I tried to take a nap but it just wasn't happening, in part because the dog behind us was barking.  Happily they take it in at night so I can sleep in peace.  Please, Lord, let them continue. 

When I got up, I saw #2 was back, fixing up the house.  Her husband's pickup was in the driveway and her car was parked in front of my house.  She had a bad habit of doing that back in 2004.  For whatever reason, she doesn't/won't park in her own driveway. 

We need the space in front of the house for the wheelchair van.  Rather than get into conflict with her, I'll let her see for herself one day and figure it out.  Years ago, I did get into an argument with her about it and it didn't end well. 

But, as far as I know, she's not planning to live there again, just fixing it up for a tenant.  I can say a lot about her tenants, but they usually never parked in front of my house. 

I got to thinking, and decided to go to my bank, and the grocery store.  The bank, happily, is on the bus line. 

I always have to think about things like that because what if something happens to Ron?  I lose my transportation.

I got my bus pass and put on my cheap sneakers.  I headed out the door.  My walk to the bus stop was pretty uneventful except for a vicious little yapper that kept trying to attack me.  Happily, they had it on a tether.  I don't know why people think small, aggressive dogs are "cute".  They're just aggressive.  I told the owner it probably smelled my cats, and he said it didn't matter, the dog attacked everyone. 

Nice dog.  I got to see it on the way back, too. 

I got to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus.  That's always nice.  Too many times I have stood there for half an hour waiting on the next bus. 

When I got off, the driver warned me about broken glass on the sidewalk.  I saw a lot of broken glass on sidewalks today, I guess drunken New Year's revelers decided to throw their bottles out the window. 

I did my banking and wandered around the store a bit.  They had some fancy herbal teas, but they come in paper wrappers.  = bugs and oxidation.  No thanks.  Stash and Bigelow, big tea companies, use foil wrappers now. 

I did buy some diet root beer, which I'm drinking now.  No caffeine.  I also got some chips, and some sunflower seeds. 

I paid and left the store.  Yet again, I caught the bus, arriving the same time I did, at the bus stop.  Nice. 

I boarded.  I got off at my stop and avoided the broken glass on the sidewalk.  I could have made one hell of a mural out of all the broken glass. 

Funny, it reminds me of sand glass - glass that has been worn down by the sand in the water, at the beach, and has a soft, frosted, appearance, no sharp edges at all.  This wasn't, and won't be, sand glass any time in the future. 

I walked home, dealing with the maniacal little Pomeranian.  I think they need to get it neutered, that would take a lot of aggression.  I came home. 

One of the cars was missing at #2, and when she came back she parked in her own driveway, giving me some hope for the future.  I'd say she should think about what will happen when they need a wheelchair, but if they do they will have to move.  All the bedrooms and bathrooms are on the top floor of their house. 

People don't think about things like that, and I guess they don't want to.  But they should. 

I ate my chips (I had already eaten and taken my pills earlier) and watched a little TV.  Now I'm getting ready to go to bed and prepare for a hard day of work tomorrow. 

Ron spent the whole 3 days drinking, in a drunken stupor, filling up his glass, or eating.  Sad. 

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