Monday, January 23, 2017

I wish it had been a manic Monday.

Ugh.  So depressed today. 

I'm not sleeping well, and that stupid motion detector light keeps shining in my bedroom.  I think that is less responsible for me waking up and having less of a quality of sleep, because some nights I sleep great.  But it's annoying.  It's almost annoying enough to go talk to #6, but I don't want him to know it bothers me because he may adjust it to cause even more unpleasantness. 

I woke up feeling really exhausted.  I reset my alarm, giving myself an hour to get ready.  I went back to sleep. 

I got up and took my shower, but didn't do my God Time (yet).  I ate a protein bar and took my pills, washing it down with my customary bottle of Diet Mountain Dew. 

Many years ago, I used to have a Snickers bar and a regular Mountain Dew for breakfast.  I'm never hungry in the morning.  Before medication, I would just wait until I got hungry and then eat.  These days, I have to take my pills with food so I eat on a more regular basis. 

We went to work. 

Things were really slow.  I hardly had to stock snacks at all.  I helped Ron with his work, he overdid it lifting a case of water last week and his back is bothering him. I may need to stock the water from now on, the case weighs 44 pounds.  Up to this point, Ron has been adamant he can do it. 

Clearly, he can't.  I'll have to pick my battles on that one. 

We got everything stocked and went outside.  The driver was kind of odd.  He parked in an illogical place and kept telling me Ron couldn't walk because he was in a wheelchair.  Then Ron stood up and opened the door to the vehicle. 

I don't think, as yet, the driver has encountered a lot of disabled people. 

He missed our exit and went past the subdivision, then came back.  I don't know why, he had his GPS on and clearly understood the fastest way to get home.  I was happy to get out of his vehicle.

I saw construction equipment digging away outside at the corner, where we had the sinkhole.  A guy at work told me the sinkhole probably happened from a ruptured or leaking pipe. 

I'm just glad it's being dealt with, but I will be afraid to walk on the sidewalk now, knowing what could be underneath my feet!  I always assume it's lots of dirt, but apparently not all the time. 

Tomorrow I will tell you about one of my stranger childhood phobias. 

I'd had a mild headache most of the day, it wasn't quite bad enough to take my aspirin but it was bad enough.  When we got home I took some aspirin and laid down. 

It didn't get better.  I felt like the pain was oozing out of the pores in my forehead. 

I got up later and talked to Ron for a little bit (for once he was positive, but he was drinking), and watched a little TV. 

I did my God Time (you knew I was getting to that) and got online. 

We have tomorrow off, and we can take it.  Things were really slow at work. 

The cats are good.  Biscuit and Baby Girl escaped into the garage when I was getting them more litter.  I had a hard time getting them out, but they're inside now. 

Ron made a trip for me to go to Walmart tomorrow so I can restock on various things.  Good.  I need to. 


Anonymous said...

Have u considered blackout curtains for your bedroom? They really help keep out the light and if u shop around enough u can get a really good deal at Just make sure they are blackout type.

Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Omg your descriptions of the drivers are so accurate. LOLOL I live in another state and had a neighbor who drove for paratransit ..she used to smoke weed and carry fake pee..also she drank her breakfast ..she drove for DECADES . But she loved her clients dearly I swear it was kind of ironic ..she is using it now hereself do to her own toxic behavior. But I think it is fair she did have a decent safety record and always had compliments (I found out after the fact)

This same woman told me later (she is newly sober and wants to spew and be forgiven) that she brought her daughters pee to here testing for a school bus driver!

Be well Heather I would think if you guys say "hi" or whatever with the neighbors you could either bring them some cookies and just politely say " I hope you do not mind me asking but I am sure you have no idea your light shines directly into my bedroom window and I Have been having sleeping problems lately" and just leave it at that say thank you and leave. If you are not I would just put a nice card on their doorstep maybe and mention it? they have a lot of kids they will get it and just do it i bet. Good luck hope this helps? I Have had neighbor issues big time


I got up around 8 and took my shower, did my God Time.  Ron only interrupted me once.  He didn't know I was "doing it".  He al...