Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Long day

I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep last night.  Part of that was probably due to the caffeine I ingested, the rest due to questions about whether Ron would "let" me sleep. 

I think that angers me the most.  He knows it is really important for me to get adequate sleep.  One reason I never had kids - you don't get any sleep with a baby!  He knows it is important yet has no problem waking me up and making noise when I'm trying to sleep. 

I understand him having a blackout and waking me up, because for all intents and purposes, his higher reasoning is gone.  I just stay out of his way because he is unpredictable. 

I slept a little later than I "should" this morning, but I still had time for my shower.  I ran the fan while we were gone, I don't want any mold in the bathroom. 

Sometimes Biscuit will lie next to the shower enclosure in the bathroom when I'm bathing, and meow at me when I come out.  I drip water on him and he takes it, goodnaturedly, and I pet him and tell him he's my only boy.  I find it very endearing. 

None of my cats really likes being picked up.  Only one really qualifies as a "lap" cat.  One cat won't even sleep with me (Baby Girl).  So I appreciate their gestures of affection when they feel like giving them. 

I didn't see Biscuit today, not until I fed him his breakfast.  That's something that always happens for Biscuit, breakfast (Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Salmon) and dinner (same).  He will share with the other cats if they're interested but it's pretty much "his" food. 

I got dressed in my padded bra (it was cold out) and my performance t-shirt.  I wore my black jeans and my steel toes - toed, sneakers.  I really like the steel toed sneakers because Ron will occasionally back over my feet in the wheelchair, at work. 

One time he did that right after I had broken a toe.  Talk about painful!  That's when I went to steel toes. 

I took a hoodie.  It never got very warm, stayed in the 40's, but I did a lot of manual labor so I didn't mind. 

We went to the warehouse and got my supplies.  Some for Ron, too, but mainly snacks.  I got a lot of candy bars, chips, crackers (they are still out of the peanut butter on cheese cracker), etc.  I had a pretty full cart when I finished. 

The cart attendant met me at the door (you can't beat service like that!), and helped me load the truck.  Like I said, a lot of manual labor. 

We got to work and I unloaded the truck.  I couldn't tell if "anyone" was staring at my chest, but if they were it didn't matter due to the padded bra.  I got it all unloaded. 

I had one mixed cart, waters and snacks, one cart with just snacks, and one cart with drinks and candy.  I had a lot of candy.  Ron was impressed I got so much inventory for the cost. 

I got everything put away and put the water in the fridge, not a fun job but I don't want Ron doing it with his back.  He was grateful. 

I try not to be hateful.

I don't know if I buy the whole "addiction as an illness" thing, and I don't necessarily buy the "addiction is simply a sin".  I'm somewhere in the middle on that.  It's a sin, definitely, to abuse alcohol the way Ron does.  I also believe he has things driving him to do it.  That doesn't mean he should.  It means I try to be good to him when he's sober. 

I stocked, snacks looked so much better when I finished, and helped Ron stock the bottled vendor.  He had gotten canned sodas by himself.  We agreed sales were pretty slow, we can take tomorrow off. 

When I come back I need to stock some sandwiches. 

We finished up and left.  Our ride was pretty much on time.  We passed a huge mountain of trash piled in front of #2.   They're still cleaning up.  I think they had a guy painting today.  They really need to do something really nice for the garbage company, because the flyer they gave us says they will only pick up 5 items per week.  They have probably put out a year's worth of garbage. 

I really pity the next tenant.  I hope they don't have respiratory issues. 

I was pretty tired but Ron and I talked.  He wanted to order Chinese food, the lunch special.  I told him I would set my alarm for 1 hour before the special ended so he could call it in.  I had a pretty good nap. 

I think I had a cat with me but I don't remember. 

When I got up I ordered chicken and shrimp with cashews (it comes with fried rice, soup, and an eggroll, but I let Ron have the eggroll - Ron let me have his soup).  Ron got garlic pork. 

I had a pretty good dinner eating that, the pills agreed, so I was happy to do that.  I would do it again.  The price was very reasonable.  Ron waited outside and got the delivery, then called me to come help him inside without letting the cats escape.  I had to use the water bottle on Torbie. 

Then we did some accounting work for the business.  We went over all the A/P for the last month and input them, I organized and filed the receipts.  I'm going to drink a little more diet caffeine free soda and go to bed early. 

It's been a long day. 

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