Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I did not miss that man

Well, Ron's home. 

Yes, he is drinking, even though he took his medication this morning.  I talked to him, but... [shrug] there was no getting between Ron and the Precious. 

The rest of the day went better.  I got up early, did my shower and God Time, and rode out to the center for the last time with Chuck. 

Ron had finished his breakfast.  As a joke, I had ordered him a biscuit when I filled out his menu, so he ate it.  "I felt guilty" he said "But it was delicious".  Our cat, of course, is named Biscuit. 

I gave Ron some teasing about "eating him" and helped him pack.  He didn't have much.  One, he didn't bring much, and two, I didn't bring much to him while he was there. 

We got it all into a small duffel bag.  I double checked to make sure we hadn't left anything and we waited. 

I looked out the window at the orchard bees pollinating the bushes.  I would miss them.  Orchard bees are the large, black bees.  They are very gentle and excellent pollinators.  The company had taken some time with the landscaping and they had pretty ornamental grasses waving in the wind. 

All in all, it wasn't a bad sight. 

Ron's doctor came in and did his final exam.  He seemed pleased with Ron's progress.  He talked about the billing and Ron was happy. 

The nurse came in and reviewed Ron's medication.  He would no longer be taking {pain med} or the stool softener, which every hospital seems hell bent on giving Ron. 

She reviewed the two he would be leaving with, the urinary one, and the gabapentin (for nerve pain).  We were given a prescription. 

Pretty soon it was about time to go.  We left, after saying goodbye to one of the nurses at the station.  The driver came and went to the wrong door, but came around to us eventually. 

Ron got loaded in the back and off we went.  We had other passengers on board, one of whom was pitching a hissy fit over the phone at a supervisor.  The supervisor adjusted the schedule and had them dropped off first. 

Ron did fine, riding in the back. 

We got home, unloaded, put everything away, and took a nap. 

I slept really well.  Something about Ron's snoring, I guess. 

I had a hard time getting up.  I finally did, got Ron up, and we went to Walmart.  I needed to make a deposit to cover my health insurance, and Ron needed to get his prescriptions. 

We got a quote on the cost, $111 for both (not horrible considering), and I took Ron up front to wait in his wheelchair while I shopped. 

I didn't get much, just some soda, toilet paper, etc.  I found myself very hungry so I got some fake crab. 

Our ride was late, so I ended up eating the fake crab right out of the package, outside the Walmart.  I didn't care, it was Walmart.  The normal people stand out. 

Our ride finally arrived.  We rode with another lady in a wheelchair, dead silent, didn't say a word.  I don't know if she couldn't talk, or wouldn't.  I didn't ask, clearly.  We had fun talking to the driver. 

We got home and I got the groceries, and Ron, in the house.  Then he went straight for the vodka. 

I reminded him his urinary med interacts with alcohol.  "It's cleared my system by now" - I saw him take it at 9 AM today.  Ugh.  Not happy. 

Ron put on the sour, bitter, angry persona I have come to know very well, as he drank.  He became sarcastic and demanding.  I did not miss that man. 

He was doing fine without alcohol.  He wasn't even taking pain meds any more.  But he couldn't stay away, and he would rather put his health at risk by not taking his meds altogether, than to abstain from alcohol and stay with the program. 

I just hope he doesn't need to be catherized again. 


Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Oh my gosh, i am sending you a shitton of love and sooo many healing hugs...dear Heather! It is ok to be angry, in fact healthier than not. You need to feel your shit even if he chooses to numb his own...dont wait until you are my age to know how gaslighting works.

hold on to this reality, you do everything you should to improve and maintain a good mentally healthy DO take your meds, exactly as you need to in spite of the limitations it puts on have a voice to vent as well as help others who worse off, you do count blessings and are very appreciative...this blog,, do your God time, preach joy, you work to be healthy! You are a good example and remain mentally aware of your illness and manage your brain as a diabetic should manage their sugar. keep focused and please be well , look what you just accomplished on your own? ....YOU are NOT as crazy as a man like this can make you feel. Ooooxxxx

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can tell him what the bible calls a person who returns to his vomit?

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