Saturday, October 8, 2016

Room 214

I got up at midnight with a horrible headache.  I took some Excedrin - had to - and went back to bed.  I got up around 8. 

I am wearing jeans now, so when I showered I didn't bother to shave my legs.  I did my God Time and took care of the cats. 

Then Chuck picked me up and we went to the BBQ place.  He liked my directions (he has a new phone and can't figure out the GPS), and we found it pretty easily.  I found Ron's room and went inside. 

He was happy to see us (Chuck came in for a while) and ate a good amount of the BBQ.  It did my heart good to see him so happy. 

I just sat with him.  My love language is quality time and I am totally happy to sit with him in the hospital, especially if he isn't in any pain and I don't have to make him do something he doesn't want to. 

I got one of the rings I ordered, I found it on the porch.  It is very pretty, abalone inlaid in titanium.  It cost me about $20.  I like it a lot, it's pretty and different.  It makes a very nice wedding ring.  I plan to take it off before washing my hands, but other than that it's great.  I don't know how long it will last, because I work with my hands, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts. 

I love the price point.  I don't want to have something valuable, that I have to worry about theft or loss.  If it breaks, so what?  I can buy another size 8 ring from Amazon easily.  They have loads of stuff in titanium and tungsten, very inexpensive metals. 

I was glad I got it.  Everyone is telling me to take care of myself and this is one way I'm doing it.  I do, however, think I have ruined lavender for myself.  I bought a nice bar of lavender soap before all this and I have been using it every day, stressed, anxious, and distressed.  I don't think lavender will have good connotations for me anymore.  Maybe I should have bought some fake Irish Spring from the dollar store. 

My aunt sent my cousin out with my load of laundry, and he left it at the house.  She told me to make up a bag of dirty clothes for her to wash and I did, leaving it in the same spot.  So, he took the dirty when he left the clean. 

What wonderful family to have.  I talk about the bad ones, but I have some REALLY good ones too.

Ron became progressively more uncomfortable, and finally asked his nurse when he could get his next dose of pain meds.  At the hospital, they were given every 4 hours. 

"You have to ask for them" he was told "We don't give them out unless you request a dose, and then you have to tell us 1 or 2 tablets."  Ron immediately requested 2 tablets, and they arrived within 10 minutes.  I can't fault these guys for care. 

No, the room is not as fancy as the one at the hospital, but the staff are kind and caring.  Most importantly, Ron is happy there and it takes a huge load off my back. 

We don't have any idea how much our percentage will cost, but whatever it is, like the ambulance ride, is worth it.  They will always let us make payments.  But I'm not going to worry about that at this point and time. 

Job #1: take care of me.
Job #2: get Ron better
Job #3: run the business

I was telling Ron I will have to do a supply run on Tuesday morning, that will be a long day but I'll get it done.  I also told him I'd like him to call and schedule the repairman for the washer. 

Ron is a traditional man in that he likes to "take care of things".  That's why he is so baffled by the turn of events with me taking over the business.  His love language is "acts of service" which means doing "for" me. 

Ron was delighted to call, and I'll have him do that tomorrow.  I just want it over and fixed already.  Ron can deal with all the jabbering menus on the phone.  "To schedule a repair, press 1"  Let him have it, I say.  [grin]

I will also have him set up the order for Tuesday, I will call him and give him the inventory, he can read it onto his recorder (I brought it to him today), and then text me the order for Tuesday.  That's pretty much the way we do it now. 

I want Ron involved.  He is bound to be battling depression.  He keeps saying the "Doctor cut the wrong thing".  I can understand that viewpoint. 

Neither of us were properly educated on the level of pain to expect.  If I had known I never would have agreed to surgery.  But I have to think, God is allowing this to happen for a reason and we have to be patient and trust He is working behind the scenes. 

I was just glad to see Ron was being cared for.  That is my big concern. 

I think every caregiver worries "No one else will love them, no one else will care the way I do, and they will not get adequate care as a result".  But a nice lady came by to fill his tumbler with water, the nurse and nurse aide were polite and attentive, and someone even came by, offering to feed Ron lunch.  I confessed he had already eaten 1/2 pound of BBQ and he laughed. 

They are taking good care of him.  I can relax for a while. 

That's what's important. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I can only imagine it isnt considered with someone who can not see how much more pain he or she may feel do to other senses heightened.
Things sound better and got got your sleep! Midnight to 8 awesome! Go Heather!


I got up around 8 and took my shower, did my God Time.  Ron only interrupted me once.  He didn't know I was "doing it".  He al...