Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Suitcase Ramp

So, I went to the bank this morning to make the deposit.  We have to pay the repairman, after all. 

I went to the medical supply shop and got a "suitcase ramp" which will get Ron in and out of the garage easily.  It's a little unwieldy to move but once I got it, it worked great. 

That done, I took a nap.  I slept pretty well but Ron texted me during my nap.  As it turns out, it was something about sales tax, which isn't due for 8 more days.  Surely Ron will be home in 8 more days. 

I'm mostly stiff in bed.  I pulled a muscle yesterday and it really only talks to me in bed.  Both sentences sound perverted.  Needless to say, I will take my aleve another couple days. 

I got up and got ready to visit Ron.  He wanted me to bring his wheelchair and some cash.  I did, both. 

I also brought a small massager I bought at the medical supply place.  I thought he would enjoy it.  He liked it a lot, but wants more batteries. 

He declined the cash (but later asked me to buy him a Sprite), so I took it home. 

I had a nice visit with him.  When they brought him back from physical therapy, he was sitting in the wheelchair.  He looked pretty comfortable and more the Ron I'm used to than that miserable guy in the bed. 

He sat in the chair for a while, chatting with me.  I showed him the card Mom and Dad sent - well, I read it to him and described the photo.  I had him call Mom to thank her. 

We decided to go for a "walk" in the wheelchair.  He transferred easily from the rehab center chair to his personal chair.  Then I took him for a walk, riding around the center.  He had me peek in the gym.  Boy, that is hardcore.  They have everything and put a regular gym to shame.  I was seriously impressed.  No wonder Ron is doing so well. 

These are the guys who have everything. 

We came back to the room and he wanted to "try" in the bathroom.  He got help to get on the toilet, but got himself back on the wheelchair on his own. 

This is the guy who couldn't even sit up without screaming, four days ago.  God is really working on him! 

Ron has a fighting spirit, as well.  He doesn't want to quit.  I've forgotten that. 

Later on we ate dinner outside, he propelled himself in the wheelchair using his feet like he used to,  and then he got himself into bed, easily.  I was impressed. 

I'm sure some of that was showing off for the wife.  He doesn't want me to see him as helpless. 

He tried out his new massager and liked it.  His old massager is about to die.  I was glad he had something to help with neuropathy. 

Pill time arrived.  Did he want to take his stool softener?  I will leave you to guess the answer to that, but he did take the glucosamine. 

Dinner was not impressive, egg salad on white bread.  I have seen nicer egg salad in our vending machines.  Most of his meals look like something you'd get at a restaurant. 

Like I said, I am happy to have him there.  They are taking good care of him and he is making tremendous progress. 

I got a look at part of his incision today.  It looked horrible - not infected, but just brutal.  It is hard to believe we paid a man to rip Ron open like that. 

He did mention today that he doesn't have any pain in his legs when he stands.  He thinks.  He was pretty focused on not falling on his face, you know.  [grin]

When I got home I discovered my period had started, right on time.  I have had a cycle for 29 years now, I started pretty much right around my 13th birthday.  My birth mother "went" until 58 but I had ovarian surgery (which tends to cause an earlier menopause), so we'll see.  I'm not too worried. 

Headaches: I give all the credit to God, mainly, but also to the herbs I am taking, Butterbur and Feverfew.  I got them from Swanson Vitamins.  My headaches have been dramatically reduced since I started taking them.  I'm glad I started them when I did, right before Ron's surgery. 

I feel like I am lacking in evangelism, I haven't been handing anything out at the center.  I have Bible Promise books but I haven't really had any opportunity.  The staff are understandably busy. 

Worst case, I will leave the stack of books at the desk when we leave. 


Anonymous said...

Why don't u stop taking the herbs and meds and see how far you get with god taking care of you. Just nonsense.

Heather Knits said...

I'm going to publish this, just to show how I can get mean spirited comments. I'll be praying for you (Matthew 5:44)

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