Tuesday, October 25, 2016

He does better when I'm around

I woke up pretty depressed.  Ron texted me at 7, asking me to bring him Glucosamine ASAP because he was out.  He develops excruciating pain in his wrist if he doesn't take it regularly.  That's another operation he needs, a joint replacement in his thumb. 

He's needed that one for a while but Ron and the hand surgeon agreed they will wait until Ron is in extremis before they do it.  He only has the one good hand, you know. 

I dug out the extra bottle of Glucosamine (as important, I feel, as my medication) and threw it in my bag.  Oddly enough, I cannot take glucosamine with my current drugs, I get horrible gastric upset. 

Ron messaged me again.  When was I coming?  Oh, and by the way, I could stay for a couple of hours if I wanted.  I had to laugh.  Ron wanted me to come visit but couldn't just ask. 

I got ahold of my driver and agreed on 11.  But he got hung up on something so he came more like 11:30.  I climbed aboard and off we went. 

Ron was pretty moody when I saw him, and later asked what was wrong with me.  I told him I was depressed.  "You, too" he said. 

Oddly enough, it seemed to get him out of his funk and get him thinking outside the possible bill he might get.  We had a good visit after that. 

We chatted a little bit about Medicare plans and got a real eye opener when his case manager came by.  She told us how they restrict coverage; how Ron was "allowed" to come under plain Medicare but would have been denied under one of the plans. She had a patient who really could have benefited from a stay but their "Advantage" plan denied them the care. 

I'd rather get hit with a copay, and that's what she said, it's really better.  More coverage under classic Medicare, even though it doesn't look that way in the commercials.  She reminded Ron he had really needed the therapy and he agreed. 

The man couldn't even sit up.  I am going to hate to see his pharmacy bill, though, he was eating pain meds like nobody's business.  [shudder]  I don't begrudge him, I'm just scared. 

This does make me think, if I end up in the hospital for any reason I am bringing my own medication and taking it as needed.  I have a plan that pays everything after the first 6K, which is practically a hangnail these days.  So, maybe I wouldn't need to bring my own.  I don't know. 

Hopefully it won't happen.  I am pretty healthy and I take a fair amount of supplements:
Migraine prevention herbs
Occasionally, milk thistle for my liver. 
Antioxidants (I need to get more vitamin E)
Calcium/magnesium mineral supplement (the multivitamin never covers a day's worth of minerals)
Vitamin C

That in addition to:
Haldol (for hallucinations and friends)
Wellbutrin (for depression), I take 2 of those for 150 mg total.
Lithium, 4 x 300 mg for 1200 mg total, or 1.2 grams.  That means I'm eating over an ounce of lithium a month.  I sure need it. 
Depakote 250 mg - helps take the edge off the mixed episodes. 

Of course they all have side effects, weight gain, headaches, etc.  But they work to my satisfaction and that's what matters. 

Back to us.  Ron let out his secret - he had felt cheated because I hadn't cuddled him the last couple days.  I reminded him he had made some very hurtful comments about my weight, while holding me, and at other times, and I didn't want to open myself up to that. 

He apologized and we got a cuddle.  Of course half the facility walked in, during, but that seems to be standard.  "At least" I told Chuck later "The staff can pick me out of a lineup".  This was all nearly platonic, we had our clothes on and just spooned. 

Ron was happy.  He was feeling neglected, not a good thing with his personality type.  Once he got some cuddles he was a new man, much more optimistic and happy. 

Which, of course, is why I have been dragging myself out there and spending hours with him every day.  He does better when I'm around, that's all I need to know. 

He comes home tomorrow.  I leave the house early, but not too early, and get there a couple of hours before discharge.  Ron and I leave at 10:45 in a paratransit wheelchair van. We come home, take a nap, and then go to Walmart to fill his prescriptions. 

I would hate to have to get him catherized again because he went off the Flomax. 

There are various things I could do with the house to fix it up, but I'm not going to wear myself out.  I will vacuum the floor of his man cave because it needs it, but that's all. 

I have given some thought to feeding him.  Normally, I just fill up the freezer and let him scavenge, he likes to eat out a lot.  However, they have been bringing him meal trays 3x a day. 

I can't do that.  I certainly can't provide him with fresh baked goods, soup, and fresh salads.  I can't cook him bacon and eggs with a fresh baked biscuit. 

But I can heat up a breakfast burrito for him in the morning.  I do get up earlier than him, it won't be much trouble, something I can do when depressed, and I think it will make Ron feel loved.  I don't have to cook, necessarily, to feed him. 

I just have to warm something up (after asking him what he'd like). 

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Anonymous said...

Hey busy gal, you do get a lot done every day. Keeping you both in my prayers every night. It will be good to have your dear hubby home with you. You are a team, and when part of the team is missing...well neither partner feels good. Look how far he has come since surgery...and look how much you kept the business going...best wishes and prayers.

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