Thursday, October 13, 2016

I am married to this man

I had today off, mostly. 

I slept in until 8, did my God Time and shower.  I cleaned the house for a while.  I prayed and asked God to show me the Big Issues I needed to get, and Torbie got in my lap for a while.  I petted her, she purred and shed all over my black capris.  Then she left, and Biscuit climbed aboard.  He dug in his claws and enjoyed some petting as he purred in my lap. 

I suppose God was telling me to take it easy.  I did what seemed appropriate but I didn't get a chance to do the floor.  I need to do the floor, and I can never do the floor because Ron always comes along and tracks it up.  Now he's out of the picture for a while, I can get it done. 

I thought about taking a nap but didn't, mainly because I had gotten sweaty from changing the litter box and didn't want to mess up my sheets.  There's always tomorrow. 

I got picked up early and went to the Walmart by the rehab center.  I got some stuff Ron had requested and some soda for myself. That's pretty much all I needed.  Then I left it in Chuck's truck as I went to visit Ron.  When we came home, I took my stuff out and brought it inside. 

Ron was in rehab.  I set down my bags and went to find him.  He was doing leg exercises with Nathan.  Nathan seems like a very nice guy, practical and sensitive.  They told me they had Ron standing for a while today, I had just missed it, and Ron had gone back and forth on the parallel bars again. 

Nathan asked me if we had a walker and I said yes.  So they may get Ron on a walker pretty soon.  Ron is great on a walker, but he has to be steered or he runs into things.  It can get a little tiresome if I'm honest.

Let's hope for an even better recovery and Ron walking, using his white cane, and holding onto my arm like the old days. 

Ron showed off during the rest of his session, as I acted as cheerleader.  They put him on an exercise machine.  It reminded me of a recumbent treadclimber.  Ron made a good effort and was finally released. 

Ron had asked me to bring some WD-40, because one of the machines was squeaking.  I did, and also brought some lithium grease.  I think the lithium grease will work better on an exercise machine. 

I took Ron back to his room and we talked for a while.  We went to "Discharge planning" basically rehab telling us they are not going to leave us out in the cold.  That was nice to hear after the last hospital dumped Ron, catheter, fever, and unable to even sit up without screaming in pain.  How could anyone with a soul do that? 

I don't know. 

These guys are way better, well above my expectations.  They have really gone above and beyond.  Ron would say the food is a little variable, but it's institutional food, of course you'll have bad days.  Ron did like the pumpkin spice cheesecake that came with lunch, he saved me half. 

Ron used the bathroom, he was rather tired with the transfer but he got the job done.  I reminded myself he had just had an hour and a half of grueling physical therapy.  He said his hamstrings and pectoral muscles (he just pointed at them, he doesn't know the names) were pretty sore.  But he is doing a lot more than he was and I am impressed. 

I was tired, so while he was in the bathroom I laid down in the bed.  I took off my shoes and phone before I did. 

When Ron got back, he was delighted to find me in the bed and wanted a cuddle.  Good.  Except everyone, I think, in the hospital, walked in during our (chaste and G-rated) snuggle.  It was a little awkward, but I kept reminding myself I am married to this man.  It is OK. 

We had a nice cuddle for about 2 hours, until my ride came.  I came home. 

Biscuit was fiending for his num num so I served it up.  Ron got to hear Baby Girl meow on the phone (he let me know he was a little upset I had moved his wheelchair), so he was happy.  He really misses the cats. 

Tomorrow will be a more "interesting" day but I will keep you posted.  For one, they will have Ron in therapy during the time I normally visit, so I will go later.  That should work out better with the traffic, though. 

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