Friday, October 14, 2016


I haven't gone to see Ron yet.  I worked from 6-10, didn't sleep well either.  I got up and did it anyway. 

I first stocked canned sodas.  I thought it would be nice to get them out of the way first.  However, I had a lot of people peering in the empty snack machines, so I won't do that again.  Then I had a guy yell at me about the coffee machine.   I told him I would get it, but I couldn't get it right now, and gave him his money back. 

The machine goes through a lot of coffee.  People really like it because I use a very high quality dark roast coffee for the machine.  I think it is important to provide a good product. 

If I drank coffee, I would drink it. 

I finally finished sodas.  Now I had to mash up about 20 cases worth of packaging.  That's where I miss Ron at work.  I don't mind stocking the soda, getting the soda, getting the merchandise, etc.  I do mind mashing up all that packaging for the recycle!

Now onto snacks.  I stocked the chips, then did candy and cookies.  Before I left, I did pastry. 

Somewhere between candy and cookies, the repairman came.  He had the part we needed.  He took about 20 minutes installing it and got it all done.  I witnessed it working before he left.  Good. 

He says it might need a board, but the board is only about $20 (he has to order it).  The bill wasn't too bad, $250.  The machine makes a lot of money so it is worth it. 

I'm going to need some more chips, but not Lays or Cheetos.  I always need hot chips. 

I noticed hot chips in the vending machine at the rehab center.  I found that very interesting. 

Ron called a couple of times.  I enjoyed talking to him. 

I crowed about his progress to the other vendors.  They kept asking in a "How bad is it?" fashion and I kept answering with all of his progress.  "He can do this, they took the catheter out..." 

He is doing really well. 

After the repairman left I finished candy and pastries.  Pastries are a little tedious because I have to write the sell by date on a label, then tag the pastry, then stock it.  Probably my least favorite after mashing up soda packaging. 

I did have it looking good, though, alternating rows of vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, another machine stocked with honeybuns.  They love honeybuns, which have a whopping 500-600 calories.  It's certainly filling. 

I had a pregnant, temporary, worker screaming at me for honeybuns one day "I need some bread!"  I was rather alarmed and glad I had them on hand. 

OOops, I just remembered I forgot to take the jammed $1 out of the food vendor.  I will have a lot of sandwiches on Monday as a result. 

All done, I called my ride and went home.  I took a nap.  I got up and tried to find the sales tax information on Ron's computer, but it isn't there and the mouse doesn't work very well.  He was "in a class" and couldn't talk much but we at least figured out he needs to do the form. 

That done, I did some housework.  At least I managed to get the nap.  I was sleeping pretty good. 

I noticed my hair has gotten really gray lately.  I will try to get a photo "made" so you can decide for yourself.  I am still pretty unclear on how to transfer images from my phone to my computer. 

I will be visiting Ron tonight, after rush hour traffic. 

Torbie is mugging me for treats, so I'm going to take care of her and make myself a sandwich. 

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Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job there gal, just balancing everything every day, day in and day out. People have to take a moment to visualize walking in your shoes, and if they can't see what God accomplishes in you every day, well, they have a lot learning to do. Glad to hear everything with hubby is coming along, slowly, but surely. It takes time to heal, but with inside swelling of surgery diminishing, he will have less pain, and feel more like moving around. God bless you both is my prayer.

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