Monday, October 3, 2016

Over and done

My new (clothes) washer is dead.  It sits there blinking on the "sensing" light, doesn't put any water in the drum, and sits there like an idiot.  Then it "pumps out" the "water" that isn't in there.  It has a demon.  It even blinks "sensing" when I have not even pushed the button. 

Really?  I really need this with Ron having surgery in 36 hours?   Oh, I am so upset. 

I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I have plenty of underwear, and there's a Laundromat about a mile and a half away. 

But I cannot deal with it this week, and probably next.  I just have too much going with Ron and his surgery.  So, I shelve it, stressing about it nonetheless, but shelved. 

I unplugged it since it is trying to run without me even hitting the button.  I find that one pretty alarming. 

I like to think this wouldn't really faze me, but I have had a lot of broken things this year.  The refrigerator broke twice.  The dryer died, which led to the purchase of the new washer and drier.  The garage door broke and required repeated service calls.   The air conditioner started making funny noises (remained working during a hellish heat wave), but required a new part. 

It's just been a hell of a year for home repairs.  This is just another one, at a really bad time.  It is under warranty, I only bought it a month ago!  It has been working and did about 10 loads quite well.  So, I can get it fixed, it'll be "free", I just have to arrange a time for the repairman AFTER I get Ron home and on the road to recovery. 

Speaking of, he's having his last drink before surgery (he does not go in for 36 hours).  He talked to the nurse and is clear on his food and (non alcoholic) drink rules.  I got the shower chair out of the garage (that was fun) and put it in the shower so we can bathe him.  He has to take a shower, not a bath.  Showers are more painful for him so I'll just think of how he acts during his blackouts.  I will be gentle with him. 

I had my primary driver take us up to the hospital today to figure out my pickup location.  It's a pretty big hospital and it has several lobbies.  We decided on the "Star Lobby" for the location.  I can wait there, and get dropped there.  It is equidistant between the two hospital wings so I will have a pretty short walk either way.  He is confident he can find me now.  Before it would have been very disorganized, him driving around trying to find me, me telling him where to go, etc.  Not anymore. 

I'm trying to cover all the bases. 

We went to work this morning (early in the morning!) and didn't need to stock much.  That's good.  We want slow sales and less money around Ron's surgery.  We got finished early and went to Burger King for breakfast, then came home. 

I took a nap for a while, then woke up thinking about how our friend was going to find me to pick me up at the hospital.  He had never been to the hospital.  So, when Ron woke up, I talked him into taking that trip to the hospital. 

I could tell he (the other guy) felt much more confident when we left.  He knows where to find me.  Good.  The last thing we need is a lost driver. 

If my aunt can't pick us up to come home, we will be calling a cab to go home.  Our friend has one of those "pull yourself up and into the cab" pickup trucks so that won't work after back surgery. 

I think I got a nap from both Torbie and Biscuit today.  Torbie was on my foot when I woke up this morning, and I think Biscuit got on me during my nap.  They are very soothing. 

That's one reason I'm not inclined to stay in the hotel.  I think I will if Ron has complications and I need to be nearby, but I'm leaning towards staying home. 

I can get a ride to the hospital.  That's my big concern.  I can get rides to work - my other concern.  I can get the deliveries and such. 

I only really worry if Ron is discharged on Friday and my aunt can't get him.  Then he will have to call a cab and ride home with Mr Pickup, and give the guy enough money to get back to the hospital.  That won't be cheap, or easy. 

Friday I am absolutely committed to getting the soda order.  It could be adjusted but it would be tricky. 

Agh.  All these details. 

I will be glad when this is all over and done. 


Anonymous said...

Just want to give u positive thoughts for the surgery tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

ok how about this? could you take the room for the day of surgery and that night if it is in walking distance form the hospital and then go use it for naps if you have a super long day and just need a couple hours away from the hospital I know if you were my kid I would not care how you used the room but I would want you to take your naps for sure in a plce where you can get a few hours is just a suggestion and if you donot use it no oe will mind I bet it is yours as a gift right? back up for stress you can go cry unwind and do what you need shower maybe and go back after a few hours
Ron will be well cared for and God can hear you anywhere right? take the room take a break and rest you have not stopped..well ever ? love you Heather you do you if this is not for you I get it just giving extra ideas

Anonymous said...

Praying for you dear, you have so much to deal with, remember, we can only do so much, trust God to help you, slow down and ask Him frequently for help.
These new appliances are not what they are promoted as. It's like a gremlin following you around. Ask God to protect every room in your house. Claim every space for Jesus. Will pray for you both tomorrow, for Ron to let God take care of him. God loves you both, the cats are a bonus.

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