Sunday, October 16, 2016

I can live with "cute"

I slept about 12 hours last night.  I would hate for anyone to think I am burning myself out. 

Agenda for today: shower (done), God time (about to do), dry and fold a load of clothes, do up my meds for 2 weeks.  Nap.  Go see Ron for a couple of hours and maybe get some groceries on the way home. 

Ron told me today someone had a code at his facility.  Everyone was working on the person and his meds were late.  He didn't sound too upset about the meds.  The person got carted off in an ambulance. 

I'll be praying for them.  The average person at the center seems to run between 60 and 80 years old, so Ron fits right in.  They do have a little trouble with him being blind, and have a bad tendency to move things without telling him, but that's really his only complaint. 

I got up, completed my agenda, and had a pretty good day. 

I did my God Time and did up my medication for a while, as the laundry dried.  The meds and the clothes finished about the same time.  I put the clothes away and took a nap. 

But I couldn't sleep, I'd had 2 Mountain Dews (diet) with breakfast.  So I decided to make a sandwich and take my pills, which usually create a good nap. 

I ate my turkey and cheese (with mayo, on whole wheat) with a diet pink lemonade drink I had made up.  Big mistake.  I had horrible heartburn and indigestion for hours (even now). 

I did, however, get a good little nap (about an hour) before I went to see Ron.  I brought him an extension cord because he was complaining about it.  We had a good visit, the staff walked in on us during a cuddle.  I was a little embarrassed even though we are married, and we were both fully clothed so we couldn't have been having sex. 

Ron's blood pressure was a mellow 104 when they checked it.  I guess I am good for his blood pressure.  Not that he really has problems with it, but it's been in the 140 range. 

One of the staff acted as though she'd caught me [edited for content] with Ron [edited for content], the other one just thought it was "cute".  I can live with "cute". 

Ron and I went through his bag and made some changes on what stayed and what went home. I brought him some clean clothes.  His current clothes are OK, surprisingly.  He has deodorant and a hair brush, that's all he really needs. 

And a couple changes of clothes, of course.  His vibrating back massager (he uses it on his legs) is about dead, I will need to order him a new one. 

He asked me to get him some more paratransit tickets (he will need them to travel to/from the center for outpatient therapy, and to come home), so I asked Chuck to run me by a store. 

I also needed some groceries, so after I got the tickets I got some more cold cuts and sliced cheese (the real cheese), along with some whole wheat bread, so I can make him more sandwiches.  I don't like the grocery store as much as my Walmart, but it was one trip instead of two.  I didn't want to be a precious little diva. 

The cold things were cold, and had acceptable sell by dates.  I just cared about that.  The store was packed, full of little kids yelling in English and Spanish, running all over the place.  I was happy to get out of there. 

Chuck helped me carry my stuff into the garage, so I only had one trip. Then he left, I shut the garage door, and opened the door to the house.  Biscuit and Baby Girl were ready for their dinner and made it very apparent.  I fed them and put my stuff away.  Then I gave Torbie her treats. 

I ate some pudding, hoping to calm my stomach.  No luck.  [bad word] 

I am never having pink lemonade with a meal again.  It is fine on it's own, but not with my medication.  I'm always learning what works with my medication. 


Anonymous said...

So ur going to buy Ron a massager for his legs knowing that it causes sores?

Heather Knits said...

I bought him one knowing it *can* cause sores, but sores are a lot better than agonizing pain from neuropathy.

I don't have neuropathy so I can't guess, but Ron's a guy who laughed off multiple broken bones. The neuropathy nearly drives him to tears.

I would rather have him use a safe, new, massager than try to fix the old one by opening it up and taping "loose" wires.

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