Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Portable wheelchair ramp

Well, my back feels better and my second rind arrived.  I got a mystic cz heart shaped ring., 

I have a soft spot for heart shaped cz's.  The first ring Ron ever got me was an inexpensive heart shaped pink cz.  I picked it out, he bought it.  I wore that thing to death.  I still have it in my memory box.  It was plated and the metal flaked off.  This is set in sterling, cost $14, and is very pretty. 

It does have a thin band, so I won't wear it to work.  Reviews said it will bend pretty easy under "working with your hands" pressure, which is one reason I wear a lot of titanium and tungsten. 

I slept pretty well last night, pretty stiff but getting better.  I will be buying myself a back brace in the near future.  No sense in taking chances.  Ron is literally, the business is, depending on my back.  I've GOT to keep it healthy. 

My ride will be here pretty soon, I have to go to the bank and make my deposit.  Then Ron asked me to find him a wheelchair ramp (they have portable ones at the medical supply stores) to set up in the garage. 

I've mentioned we enter and exit through the garage to keep the cats from getting out.  It acts as an airlock in case someone (Biscuit!) runs out.  I can grab the bad kitty in the garage, not chase them down the block. .

It has a pretty good bump, about 4 inches, to get into the house.  Ron doesn't want me to push him over the bump, in part because I think it involves tipping the wheelchair back.  That makes him nervous.  He would rather I push him up a ramp. 

He had talked about doing this before the surgery, but since it looks like Ron will do well to regain his former life in a wheelchair, we had better look a little deeper. 

I'm fine with that.  It will make my life easier.  The things aren't light, though, and I will have to put it in, and remove it from, the truck.  Not so excited about that but I took my aleve this morning. 

I have to be careful about NSAID painkillers because the raise lithium levels.  That may not be a bad thing right now! 

Seriously, though, I'll be careful. 

I should be fine in a couple days, thank God.  On a 1-10 it is normally about a 1, goes up to a 3 at times.  So, not horrible. 

Thank God He didn't allow it to be worse.  It has also given me a renewed appreciation for the cart guys loading my truck (I already tipped them). 

Anyway, I'd better go.  My ride should be here in a couple minutes. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Everyday I get excited reading because yes he was fragile but boy did you guys do so well with this and no car! Fingers crossed he does his PT and the wheelchair gets parked . ...i hope is clarity gives him strength to continue sobriety...i love you treated yourself to a ring... It sounds so cute! ...if i could wish anything for you...Rons more migraines ..i know i keep saying this but want to give you hope! And you said you feel a bit like your periods are changing maybe? ... mine got a bit crazy for a couple of monthes ( headaches not periods those just stopped after what seemed a lifetime! ( i was 11 you were young to i think you said?) ..had a tension headache the other day ...only a migrainer understands when say ..."it was a nice easy headache to deal with" ! You are TANK GIRL ! over the years you and your puke bucket have shown a lot of us what whimps we are! ( Not really you are too humble to brag) but yes i do think of you when i feel moves ..gotta move with it!

, i was wondeting if he had relief with the laminectomy? . Sounds like you both are so well! And the kitties awww ..can you take one of " the kids" with Chuck for a surprise? Who " travels " best .?

How long is he staying?

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