Thursday, October 27, 2016

Not that I'm saying I did anything

It was a long day and I'm tired. 

Ron couldn't sleep last night and kept me up.  I know that wasn't his intent, it was just a nasty side effect of his insomnia. 

I also realized his wheelchair squeaks, just enough to disturb me.  I had gotten used to it before he "left".  Now that he's back I have to get used to it again (I have no idea where the squeak originates). 

Someone asked if I felt different while Ron was gone.  Not really.  I wasn't "on call" to help him every minute, which he can do sometimes.  I didn't have to worry about Ron's drinking or having a blackout.  I could set my bag wherever I wanted, without worrying about him falling over it.  I didn't have him pestering me to watch movies with him. 

It was very similar to when he did his training, back in 2001.  He had to go out of town and live in a residential hotel for 4 months.  It was a litmus test, could he?  Could I handle it?  Etc.  We both did fine.  I pretty much worked, came home, called Ron, got online, did some hobbies, read a little, went to bed.  I visited him on the weekends. 

This time, I visited him every day, for a good period of time (I can just hear someone moaning at that).  Well, he is my husband. 

I was in the hospital for a month with depression, when I was 13, and then I was in the hospital for a week when I was 18.  Both times were pretty lonely.  If I'd had a spouse, I would have wanted him to visit (Ron and I were "together" for the second one so I called him on the phone - the hospital was a mile walk each way and it was hard for him to find my room).  I liked having the company. 

Ron never told me to go home, and meant it.  He would say it as a formality "You don't have to visit, you should go home".  But once he got the formality over with he enjoyed the company.  Sometimes I would sit with him quietly.  Sometimes we would cuddle.  Sometimes I read my book while he snored in his bed. 

I am pleased with what I did while he was in the hospital. 

I had enough time to myself, time to blog, time to sleep, that's all I cared about.  I ate decently.  I took care of the cats (pretty well, I did forget to feed them a couple times but they are pretty obese).   I kept up with the laundry and the business.  I kept the house running. 

All in all, I was happy with what I did.   It's not really fair to say "I felt better without him" because I was visiting.  It was quieter, even when he's asleep Ron makes noise, but that's about it. 

I got up and took a shower.  I was bad and did not do my God Time today.  I got dressed, wore one of my wicking t-shirts and my back brace.  We went to the warehouse. 

Ron made up a list and I went and got the stuff, wearing my back brace.  I got it all, and most of my stuff, then checked out. 

Chuck had taken Ron off by then, and I found Ron seated in the truck.  Chuck kept telling me Ron didn't have a problem getting in the truck.  I think he had more trouble getting out. 

I found a cart attendant and got him (another one showed up, so "them") to load the truck.  I've learned it's tricky on my back to load things into the truck.  I have to be very careful (hence, the brace), or get someone to do it for me (tipping is appreciated).  I have a good enough reputation they are happy to help. 

Of course, I can't talk about doing anything that might get someone fired, it they took it.  But I wouldn't be rude.  I would be appreciative.  Not that I'm saying I did anything.  Nope. 

So we got the truck loaded.  Ron was sitting in the back seat.  I gave him the receipt and his change.  We went to work. 

As usual, I went in, cleared off my carts (I put the contents of the carts onto lunchroom tables), and brought them all out.  We only had about 20 cases of drinks so not too bad today. 

Chuck and I unloaded all the drinks, then called in Ron to help with the snacks.  The average snack item is about 5 pounds, well within his weight limit of 10.  I'm not going to be foolish and ruin the doctor's hard work. 

We got everything loaded, I got Ron in his wheelchair, and got him in the building.  He had to use the bathroom so I pushed him over there and left him. 

Chuck and I got the carts in the building.  Since he is retired from work people know him, but he doesn't have a badge.  I do, so we park the carts in the foyer and I bring them in, one at a time, again - wearing my back brace. 

Ron's whole experience has taught me to value my back. 

I assumed working with "disabled list" Ron would be a lot harder than working and doing it all on my own.  I was absolutely right.  Ron ended up overdoing it and had to lay down on the floor, then I had people coming and telling me Ron fell out of his wheelchair. 

He had also forgotten to take his Tylenol..  While he was working, I had to do a lot to assist him, making sure he didn't lift too much, fetching drinks for him to stock, etc. 

We finally finished it all, about 20 minutes early.  Ron didn't think we needed so long, but, like I said, I assumed it would be more work to help Ron than do it on my own. 

Ron needs to work, it's very important for him.  The other vendor at work does not stock his vending machines, he is more into management.  That's not Ron.  Ron is very hands-on. 

We finally left.  We came home.  The driver said she remembered us from last time, our cat had gotten in the vehicle and didn't want to get out.  That wasn't us, but we played along.  We made sure to tell her they are inside now. 

I got Ron in the garage and shut the door, pushed him up the wheelchair ramp (money well spent) and we heard Biscuit crying inside the house.  He does that, it is so sweet.  He welcomes us home.  He's such a little cutie.  I don't see how anyone could dump him in the woods, to starve. 

Their loss, my gain.  I looked for an owner, no one posted anything online or off. 

We said hello to the cats and Ron gave them treats.  Ron loves to give treats, and the cats love to eat them. 

I took a nap but Ron (again!) made some noise and woke me up.  I was pretty annoyed he made a phone call, too.  I understood his cable box was acting up, but he could have waited. 

I was more upset by that, than I was by his drinking, or the fact he's gone off his medication.  Funny, if I did that he would throw me out. 

He should.  I'd be scary off my meds. 

I finally gave up after a couple of hours and got up.  I watched a little TV, made dinner, and took my medication. 

Tomorrow I have the day off.  When I get up I will be getting some full size candy bars and doing up all the Halloween candy - a nice handful of mixed candy and a full sized candy bar, in a bag with a scripture booklet.  It's there if the kids want it.  If not, I tried. 

It will be nice to go to bed without setting my alarm. 

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