Monday, October 10, 2016

An easy, and lasting, fix

Just a short one for now. 

I got 8 hours sleep, not enough.  I will need to get more sleep tonight, or a nap, or something. 

I got up and went to work.  I was shocked to see the snack machines were about sold-out.  Happily, sodas looked better. 

I got to work and stocked it all, got the delivery, stocked it, and serviced all the machines. 

Ron called around 10.  He had done both physical and occupational therapy.  "They had me walk between the bars" he said "I went forward, and then I went backward on my own". 

I was shocked and delighted.  These guys are really good for him.  I wish we could keep them.  I praised him (sounds like he's a dog) and let him know I was proud of him. 

After I hung up, I went and told the other vendors.  I wanted them to realize Ron wouldn't be out of the picture for long. 

Then I came home.  I am waiting on the washing machine repairman.  For my clothes washer.  I wouldn't care if it were the dishwasher.  But I need my washer. 

I am impressed that Sears is sending someone out the day after we called.  I just hope it is an easy, and lasting, fix. 

After that, depending on the time, I plan to take a nap and then go see Ron.  His last therapy should be done around 5.  I plan to go visit him tonight even though he said not to. 

I need him to make up an inventory list for me so I can buy supplies tomorrow.  I know what I need for snacks, but I don't know what drinks to buy.  I will have him do that when I finish this. 

Tomorrow I go to the warehouse, get supplies, and stock.  I will probably be pretty tired so I will see Ron a little later, I think. 

I'll just have to see how it goes. 

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