Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Not nothing

Really tired so this one will be short. 

Went to the warehouse this morning and bought my supplies.  Had to put them in the truck by myself due to no/lazy cart attendant refusing to answer pages.  I pulled a muscle in my back, not happy about that.  That is the LAST thing I need with Ron coming home. 

Went to work, got the carts and unloaded.  Then I stocked but they didn't need much. 

The bottled vendor is broken and will require repairs, and at least one part.  I had Ron deal with the repairman over the phone.  He comes Thursday. 

Everything else was fine and needed minimal stocking since I was there yesterday. 

Ron also called his boss and dealt with that. 

I left, came home, took a nap. 

Went to rehab to see Ron.  They were having a meeting but Ron had said he didn't want to attend.  Great.  I came for nothing? 

Not nothing, I got to see Ron.  He is still being very sweet and positive.  I haven't seen this Ron in ages.  He's very lovable. 

I fed him dinner, talked, etc.  I left at 7 and came home. 

I have to run a work errand tomorrow but I have the rest of the day off.  I haven't decided how I'm going to spend it. 

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