Sunday, October 9, 2016

Someone else's job

It's an odd thing when I find it comforting when I hear the other patients screeching in pain at the rehab center.  Ron's not the only one. 

I slept great but woke up with an earache around 7.  I "had" to get up at 8.  I took a generic mucinex and went back to bed.  I woke up feeling better and my ear didn't hurt for the rest of the day.  It clogged up again when I got home (may be allergy related and I am allergic to my 3 cats).  I didn't have a lot of medicine left, though, so I arranged to do a Walmart run with Chuck. 

I did my God Time, shower (not in that order), etc.  Chuck arrived and we ran by a Walgreens to get some treats for the staff at the facility.  Ron can be difficult at times and I want them to feel appreciated. 

Everything I read about the medical profession says they are always starving, too. 

I got in there and sat with Ron for a while.  I like being nearby even if he isn't feeling well.  About 2, he asked for some pain meds.  However, his pain meds all contained Tylenol and he had reached his daily limit. 

{bad word] 

Then the lady came in to do occupational therapy.  Ron was pretty unhappy sitting up and transferring to the wheelchair.  Then he wanted to try to sit on the toilet.  It took some doing and was very painful.  He didn't need to toilet. 

They got him back in the wheelchair (more screams) and rolled him off down the hall.  I honestly expected them to bring him back, cursing, at any moment. 

He came back a half hour later.  The OT asked him about his pain level.  "Not bad" Ron replied.  "Well, you agreed to sit in your wheelchair for an extra 20 minutes." (!!!!!!)  "Ring the bell when your time's up and you're ready to go back to bed." 

I was shocked.  I don't know what she gave him, but it worked.  Ron, in my hearing, had called her "ignorant", and he later told me he told her she was a "terrible mother".  She took it all in stride. 

I am glad I never picked PT or OT for my occupation.  I would not have done well at either.  It seems to carry a lot of confrontation, and you need to be very tough. 

I have had to toughen up over the years but I'm nowhere near that level.  I couldn't deal with making people scream and getting shouted at all day. 

Which is why I really put Ron in rehab, come to think.  I couldn't do it. 

Well, I could have, but it would have taken quite a toll.  This way I am beloved wife, only, and not the cruel bitch who is forcing him to hurt.  That's someone else's job.  Thank God. 

Chuck got stuck in traffic, which worked out, because I wanted to see Ron again when he got back from therapy.  They both showed up about the same time. 

Ron sat in the wheelchair for 20 minutes and then a few longer as the nurse aide came to help.  I helped her make the bed and she got Ron back into bed. 

I wonder how many times I have typed the word "Ron" in my online career (18 years online now).  Plenty, I bet. 

Now it was off to the store.  I gave Chuck gas money and he filled up his tank, then we went to Walmart.  He shopped with me.  I got some vitamins, protein bars, and yogurt. 

I had planned to get some cottage cheese but the cartons seemed rather warm.  I opted instead for deli meat and cheese to make roll ups.  But then I thought, why not a sandwich?  So I got bread too.  I also got cheese dogs (love those things), and whole wheat hot dog buns. 

I was glad I was taking care of myself and getting healthy options.  Had I really thought it through, I would have bought a bag of salad mix too. 

Then I came home and put it all away.  I made myself a sandwich on whole wheat bread, pepper turkey, sharp cheddar, and swiss with mayo.  It was very good. 

I had already eaten lunch and taken my meds earlier.  Oh, and I forgot to mention Ron is getting an extra protein supplement from the nutrition department.  He has been pretty happy with all the meals so far, and he's a picky eater. 

I did warn her he had an "allergy" to cooked green vegetables.  [snort] 

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Anonymous said...

YAY..when patients ahve yelled at me over the years I usually take it as it comes does not affect me. Pain truly is cultural we learn to deal with it young and what works when you are young works when you are old

I have had pateint scream bloody murder over a simple suture romoval and then have folks allergic to pain mades say "doc sew it up just do it" and one yelp maybe but nothing

pain is pain but it is relevant I think the security and skills we develop over the years is to recognize the YELPS and what htey mean instead of reacting to them ..make sense ..some moms scream in labor others you wonder "is there any pain at all ? " " then us inbetween ..this hurts but give me a pill and lets go "

I hope this is a good thing and am so excited to hear the day he walks around and says "wow I am glad i did that" you guys have a had a lot of bad experiences in my profession and I want this to be a good one for you ..and YES we alwasy love treats! chocoloate rules I had one patient bring me these most amazing maltballs not whooopers something else and it made my day when that showed up with a smile and hug to boot! yes some of us are huggers but ask first because we could be gross and going to change OOOXXX ...keep him there as long as you can it is good you reel relief others are screaming and remember they know what screams mean "I dont want to " and what mean "holy fk that hurts" OK? I am so happy you are caring for yourself too I am doing the same thing here trying to exert my independence not always easy when they are around happy things sound good

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