Monday, October 17, 2016


I got up pretty early and went to work.  Everything was pretty quiet, except for the bottled vendor, which was broken again.  [curses]  The repairman and I arranged a date to meet to get it fixed. 

I stocked what I could, got my delivery, and stocked it.  I made a list of inventory I need to buy tomorrow.  I am lacking some important things I need. 

I had a look at my carts, I have so many bottled drinks (that I couldn't sell, because the bottled vendor has been out of order), they are pretty unusable.  I store the bottled drinks on the carts until I can put them in the fridge. When they're ready to sell they go back on a cart and into the vending machine. 

But I have a pileup of inventory.  I need certain things, like bottled water, canned soda, pastry, and chips, but I have nowhere to put it. 

I will have to settle for using my folding hand handcart for the inventory.  I looked, there's no simple way I could combine everything onto one cart, much less clear both. 


Happily I will not have to load a bunch of heavy bottled drinks, that's what almost wrecked my back last week.  Praise God that healed up quickly and I didn't have any lasting damage. 

I did get smart and buy a lumbar support brace with suspenders, to use when handling the heavy stuff.  I have seen enough of back trouble with Ron in the last couple months, I don't want any of my own.  I probably have a few days yet before it shows up, but it will show before I have to do any truly heavy lifting. 

I chatted with the other vendor and bragged on Ron's progress.  I am very proud of him. 

I came home and took a nap.  Ron woke me up calling about something, but I didn't mind.  I managed to go back to sleep quickly. 

I got up around 2 and got picked up at 3.  I went to see Ron.  When I went in his room I couldn't find him, so I realized he was at the gym doing physical therapy.  Sure enough, I found him. 

I could hear him talking from the doorway.  I approached him with a catcall and he lit up.  I noticed he was very diligent in doing all his exercise, volunteered to do extra reps, asked to go for a walk without the walker (went about 100 feet), and overall showed off for me. 

I found it tremendously endearing.  If I have to be married to a man so frail, it is touching to see he is doing everything he can do bulk up for me. 

I'm just happy his pain level seems greatly reduced.  He still has neuropathy pain, and I noticed they put a lidocaine patch on his bad hand, but he was bright, sparkly, and affectionate.  I have missed this man. 

He's a good man.  Recent events have obscured that. 

Yes, I worry about alcohol when he comes home.  I would be an idiot to think he is done drinking.  I can only hope the Flomax will keep his drinking down to a dull roar.  I don't know what kind of pain pills they will send him home with, or whether he will even need them (!), but I know those also interact with alcohol.  I will have the pharmacist clearly state all this to Ron so he is aware of the risks. 

But yes, I do believe he will begin drinking when he comes home.  And that makes me very sad.  There is also absolutely nothing I can do about it. 

I won't have a meltdown when I "catch" him drinking but I will remind him of interactions and leave it at that. At some point Ron has to make his own decisions. 

We had a good time, I stayed for about three and a half hours.  I'd have stayed later, but I have an early wakeup tomorrow.  We had a nice cuddle in his hospital bed (weight limit, 1000 pounds). 

I am hoping his incision is about healed.  It's been almost 2 weeks now.  They have it bandaged and I'm really not in a hurry to look underneath.  I have seen the effects, and that's enough. 

I came home and gave the cats their treats.  They are pretty demanding.  I had better make sure I have a couple extra boxes for the disaster kit.  I can't imagine, some horrible event and now I'm out of cat treats.  They would be furious. 

And it's about time for me to go to bed, so I'll end it for tonight. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I am glad you are realistic about Ron and the alcohol. So many partners ( including myself) set themselves up to fall based on others highs and lows. I think you are smart, you adore Ron, but you remind we are , in the ends, only truly responsible for ourselves. That is so true, if Ron isn't done drinking, he isn't, sad and true, so why waste the time now? Enjoy your peace, rest and especially seeing him so well! (Damn alcohol, i have never liked what that did to people and thankful, my brother is an alcoholic, but i dont drink, never have.. It has never , thankfully, even interested me. ) ..I am so glad he went to rehab he sounds happy and fortified as well, if he could only make the connection. A lot of the energy and well being is from not poisoning himself ) You sound like you have the business well in hand even with the glitches! No you are so right about freaking out if he drinks, it makes things worse to freak out , for both folks involved.You are an amazing woman! You do you !

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