Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Ron's yearly pass was about expired.  So we had to go downtown and get a new one. 

Ron wanted to run by the warehouse first, though, and get some treats for them.  We did that, and had to wait an hour on the next trip going downtown. 

We had a "nice young man" pick us up and Ron and I boarded with all the stuff.  He got into a regular seat and the driver secured the wheelchair. 

We rode for about an hour and got downtown.  The driver actually took us into the building, which I found interesting.  They didn't used to do that. 

I'm used to "pushing Ron around" so I followed like a baby duck, a giant sack of candy hanging off my shoulder.  We went in and Ron called upstairs, they sent a guy with a cart.  He came and got the treats; we talked for a little bit, then he went upstairs with the bounty. 

Ron and I headed over to "The Ride Store" and got the yearly pass.  Then we headed over to the paratransit window and got the ID card.  Ron's old ID card was completely faded and a lot of drivers objected. 

The clerk told us Ron's service was about to expire (next month), and we had to renew.  Great, more vital things to do in a short period of time. 

Tonight we did what we could for that, filled out "our part" "proving" why Ron cannot ride the bus independently.  Next we need to go to doc (!) and have Doc fill out the "medical provider" part of the application proving that Ron cannot ride the bus.  Once that is taken downtown (!) and processed, they will interview him (!) and then approve him. 

If they won't approve a blind man with a head injury and hearing loss in a wheelchair, who can only travel with a caregiver...

But still, it HAS to be done, or no service next month. 

Ron: "What a load of..." 

I'm just like, REALLY?

We don't have enough?

After all that, we got some hamburgers at the deli.  I opted for caffeine free diet soda.  I am trying to avoid caffeine with current events.  I have enough anxiety, I don't need to feed it. 

We had a ride home in a minivan cab.  It was very crowded in the backseat (3 of us across the back row) and I almost had a panic attack. I was so happy when the other guy got out and Ron could move over.  I felt like I couldn't breathe. 

This is why I am being very careful with caffeine. 

Later on, I talked to the driver about the guy who sells meat by the side of the road.  He moves around a lot, he sells squirrel meat, raccoon meat, stuff like that.  He has a cooler and stands by the side of the road selling his selections.  She knew him. 

That guy will probably do quite well after the apocalypse. 

When we came home I got a nap (I didn't sleep well last night, either), and slept pretty well.  When I got up we filled out the paperwork (I hadn't taken my pills yet and Ron was sober).  Ron's new percussion massager arrived.  He was very happy to see it. 

I just hope he doesn't ulcerate himself.   Ron had "two servings" (four shots) of alcohol tonight so fair odds of a blackout. 

I really have to wonder at him risking himself like that.  He falls, a lot, when he has a blackout.  With his back that could have permanent consequences. 

As if I didn't have enough to worry about. 


Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

Hoping for you yo get some good quality sleep gearing up for the days ahead. Can you let number 6 know ahead of time ? In a friendly way?
It is sooooo hard . But you need your sleep .

Heather Knits said...

They should be pretty quiet for the next couple of months. October - Dec is Helltime with lots of very loud parties.

Like most people, they hate hot weather and we are currently having highs near 100. No one wants to be out in that.

If it gets very cold (it does happen in Houston), they are also quiet but it's the "nice" days that bring the most racket.


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