Sunday, August 21, 2016


We had a pretty easy day off. 

I got up about 7:30, with a headache.  I got into my aspirin and drank a diet soda, and went back to bed.  I couldn't sleep, but I felt better in about 20 minutes, so I got up. 

I took my shower and did my God Time, but I didn't eat or take my pills just yet.  Ron was taking me to a cheap hamburger place so I waited. 

I really like the space I cleared out in the front room.  I was going to put a treadmill in that space, but I like it so much I think I'll leave it. 

Eventually, I will figure out how to take the photos off my phone and put them online.  Then I can post a few. 

One important thing, since Ron has mobility issues and I can fall over a quarter, we don't have any throw rugs, just carpeting in the bedrooms. 

I fed Biscuit and Baby Girl (although I know Torbie gets into it too), threw away their old food, etc.  I looked at the front room and tried to decide which things I would organize when I had the energy. 

As our pickup time approached, I loaded a whole days' worth of medication into a ziplock and stuck it into a pocket.  I needed to take my meds, nothing to prohibit taking them all at once, to quote Doc "I don't care how you take them, as long as you take them every day". 

Ron wanted to bring the walker because we had a chance of rain.  He was worried a wheelchair would make it "harder".  We went out a little early to wait on our ride. 

He told me he will probably have the surgery when the date arrives.  It has to be his decision.  I don't want to push him into the wrong thing.  I gave him both sides, and he said he wants to get better, but later he said he is worried... so I don't know. 

Best case scenario, having Ron "Down" is going to be a hardship for both of us.  I will lose transportation and a companion, Ron will lose companionship and work.  Worst case Ron can't work at all because he is paralyzed or dead. 

Although, Ron did "promise" me he wouldn't die during surgery.  If he has the will to live I think he will do better. 

We went to the food place, they were having a $3 special: sandwich, fries, drink, and an apple pie for $3.  That is probably their cost.  Ron got the fish and I got the burger.  The burger was pretty good.  Ron "let" me have his apple pie, making an ironic comment about how he isn't helping my weight, and finished his food. 

I finished most of mine, took an enormous handful of pills, and ate a few bites to wash it down.  "I'm interested" I told Ron "To see how I react.  I will either pass out or get a lot of energy". 

I has some waves of fatigue but overall a lot of energy, considering.  When we got home I laid down and had a pretty good nap.  The cats didn't join me but I managed anyway. 

Biscuit did sleep in "his" spot on the floor, between my bed and the door.  He's sleeping behind me right now, and it's because he wants to.  I already gave him his supper. 

Biscuit is pretty much a perfect cat, a nice big cuddly boy who doesn't mind a hug.  When I do pick him up for a hug, he purrs in my ear for a couple minutes before wiggling to get down.  I try to put him down before he wiggles.  He only has one flaw, he is sloppy about cleaning his butt.  Other than that, perfect. 

Torbie is pretty perfect, but she doesn't like being picked up.  She wants to cuddle on her terms, which generally involve walking around on my chest as I'm falling asleep.  I have a bruise on my breast I can only attribute to Torbie, based on the location.  She also likes to rip up my hospital bag.  Loves to sharpen her claws on it.  The poor thing has strings hanging off all over.  The bag, not Torbie. 

Baby Girl is very aloof but can be surprisingly cuddly when she wants to.  She tends to be more of a loner but will lounge on Ron's leg as he lays in bed.  She slept with me the night Bubba died.  She has glorious, very talkative, meows and is very vocal at times.   We like it. 

When I got up I attacked the front room again while watching "Rush Hour".  I noticed a horrific stench coming from one of my bags, and tracked it down to a box of tampons.  An old man had been across the aisle when I was tampon-shopping, and crowding me, so I had picked up the first box of "super" I found.  It turned out to be the scented kind, which I never use. 

Now, I don't really want to return them.  It's a hassle.  But the smell is so bad, I don't want to put that into my privates.  That has got to be unhealthy.  Not to mention other people will be able to smell it "Heather's on her period".  No thanks.  So I found the receipt and taped it to the box, then put it back in my Walmart bag.  I will return it and buy a box of plain supers. 

I had a lot of drink mix, which I put into a little milk crate I had.  I cleaned out another cabinet in the kitchen and got rid of some expired food.  Some of the stuff is still good, but not for long.  If I want to eat it, I need to do it in the next month or so.  I put that stuff in a special location.  Last week I had an "almost" expired can of soup and it was very good.  The carrots were very mushy but I like carrots either way. 

I put my "new" canned food into the now empty cabinet and talked with Ron about the garbage bags.  We don't like the kind that have the strong-flex whatever, because they hug the garbage can too tightly, making it hard to get them out without ripping.   We're going to go back to the old kind when we use these up. 

I just need to clean the litter box before I go to bed.  That's about the only bad thing about having inside cats, the litter box, but I'd much rather scoop than have some poor-half-dead feline come crawling in through the cat door again.  That was horrific and I hope I never repeat it. 

Hopefully tomorrow we will get the letter for Ron to have his "interview" at paratransit.  It's part of the "recertification" process, annoying but necessary.  Ron's going to call and verify the letter didn't get lost. 

We have "not gotten" mortgage statements, etc., so I know it can happen.  I just want to get all this stuff cleared up before/if Ron has his surgery. 

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I got pictures off my phone at the photo place. They put a usb cord from my phone into their computer. It was amazing.

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