Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Crisis bag

I told Ron about the dryer today.  He asked if I had checked the breaker.  It has power, I told him, it's just not drying.  I told him, short term, I am fine hanging things up around the house. 

I woke up at 4 AM with a migraine and it hasn't gotten much better.  I ate some pepperoni yesterday, full of preservatives and flavor enhancers.  I have to figure that's what did me in.

So, 4 AM found me, with a very excited Biscuit, getting a cold can of diet soda and my Excedrin.  I told Biscuit sorry, he'd have to wait.  I drank the diet soda (very cold diet sodas tend to help, maybe they activate my vagus nerve or something).  I told Biscuit I was sorry but it wasn't breakfast yet. 

I went back to bed.  I had a couple of symptoms, throbbing head pain on one side, and extreme gum pain.  My gingivitis was acting up again, but some of that was my fault. 

A while back, "they" came out with a study saying you didn't have to floss your teeth anymore.  However, my gums have been bothering me.  Last night I flossed, found some pus, and a lot of blood in between two teeth.  That's the area that's bothering me.  I rinsed it with some "natural antiseptic" (goldenseal root extract and other things) mouthwash and went to bed.  I woke up with it still bothering me.  And the migraine. 

So, clearly, I will be flossing now. 

I woke up a couple hours later - I'd had a very fitful sleep, tossing and turning.  But I got a little. 

I got up, fed Biscuit (! So happy to get his num-num!), and took my shower.  I didn't feel up for my God Time but I might do it later. 

I was pretty jittery from the caffeine in the Excedrin and got a little manic, but not bad.  Ron thought it was "cute".  May I always have "cute" manias. 

I got dressed and ready to go.  We had a trip to Walmart.  We went outside a little early and waited. 

We saw #2.  I talked to him the other day.  He dislocated his finger the day he called the ambulance.  He's going to freak when he gets the bill - our driver was charged $2,200. 

Anyway, he was friendly, chatting.  We told him how we put the cats on lockdown and he smiled when I mentioned Baby Girl.  He always liked her. 

Our ride came and we got onboard.  Ron likes to get out of his wheelchair and sit in a regular seat (transfer).  The drivers like it too because it makes less work for them. 

We got to Walmart.  Ron got out and sat in his wheelchair.  I didn't have a lot of choices on where to put him.  I could put him under the fan, or by the watermelon.  He didn't want to go by the fan so watermelon it is. 

I went ahead and got my stuff.  I got some "cycle" stuff for my hospital bag - I got some pads and tampons.  I tend to spot for a couple days before and after (pads).  I also got some of the Kotex "compax" tampons.  They are more compact and more importantly, I've used them.  I can use them, they work for my needs, and I can install one at 2 AM if needed.  Important. 

Crisis is the last time I want to be trying new menstrual products.  That includes cups, although I have one.  I want: reliability. 

I got a collection of cheap pens because I am always looking for one.  Right now they have a good assortment at good prices (back to school) so I might as well get them.  I also got some more PB Cookie Protein bars.  They do the job, I can take any of my pills with them, they are filling, taste good, and non headache provoking.   I put a package in my crisis bag. 

All good reasons. 

I got some more flossers, some for the hospital/crisis bag and some for the house. 

I got cat treats and $20.52 worth of Fancy Feast Salmon Feast in Seared Salmon flavor gravy.  Ooooh.  But they all love it.  I got 36 cans of the stuff, that's a little over 2 week supply.  I also got some small foam plates.  I use them to feed the canned cat food: I take a small foam plate, put it on the table, and open the can onto the plate.  I always have a little trouble shaking out the last bits because the cats are eating by then.  Even Torbie likes it, but not consistently. 

I got another pair of $8 plus size knit shorts because they are very comfortable, for my crisis bag.  I can also use them for working out,.  Yardwork, hanging out around the house, taking a nap when we expect someone over, stuff like that. 

I also got a little bit of potato chips and some ice cream. Blue Bell has something called "Cookie Two Step".  It has crushed oreos and cookie dough pieces.  It's pretty good, but I'm not up for it right now. 

Why must I always get the migraine on a day off? 

I bought some Diet Decaf soda for when we go to see Ron's doctor on Thursday.  I don't want him to see me at less than my best, and too much caffeine does not help my case. 

I also bought some bottled Diet Dr so I have something nice and cold to drink in the morning.  Normally I don't care about cold drinks but I seem to be getting a lot of headaches lately (who wouldn't?).  I might as well treat myself a little. 

Ron "lost" his deodorant and hair brush during his last blackout.  He has yet to find them again.  So I bought him a 2-pack (a lot cheaper to buy it that way) deodorant.  I had a hard time finding a basic plastic bristle hairbrush.  I finally got the last one.  I need another one for Ron's hospital/crisis bag.  Maybe I can look at Dollar Tree. 

I only had two bags of stuff, typing it out it sounds like a lot but you have to remember I bought a lot of small things.   

I paid, I forgot something but I forget what it was, but I remember being mildly annoyed when I got home.  Oh, wet wipes.  We could have used some more. 

It was the one thing I didn't put on the list. 

We came home and I put everything away.  About that time, the garage door guy called.  He was coming over, hours early. 

Well, we were home. 

He came out and put a strut, then did a lot of banging and power tools.  When he finished the door wasn't making the popping sounds when it opened.  Hopefully it is fixed, and more importantly, stays fixed. 

Ron wants to enter and exit the house through the garage, every time, so it needs to behave. 

It is hard for him to go up and down off the step, he doesn't use his mobility device for that, but instead chooses to "walk" (it you can call bent at a 90 degree angle "walking"). 

I am a little worried because he "forgot the receipt book" and Ron paid him cash.  I hope that doesn't come back to haunt us.  Ron did call the boss and tell him he had paid cash. 

Like I said, I hope that doesn't come back to haunt us. 

He said they would email me a receipt. 

After he left, I told Ron, we need to get the checkbooks (we don't have them here at the house) and pay with checks.  That way we have a paper trail in case there is any malfeasance or confusion. 

I could worry about that for a while, worst case I would pay it again and write a SCATHING review online. 

After he left I ate a sausage biscuit and took my pills.  Then I took a nap. 

The pills always help me rest if I lie down.  Otherwise I am pretty functional.  Ron woke me up, a couple hours later, yelling he had lost an open "piss bottle".  He likes to pee in 2 liter bottles (the juice kind, with the wide mouth).  I helped him locate it.  He had put the cap on and put it where it belonged, already. 

I felt it was a good indicator of his sobriety level.  Not good. 

He keeps bugging me to watch some movies and I keep reminding him I have a migraine. 

We get up early for work tomorrow, hopefully I will feel better by then.  I didn't eat much aside from the sausage biscuit (I ate Biscuit!) today.  But I have plenty of glycogen and fat to keep me going until tomorrow. 

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Anonymous said...

reading your posts I am depressed as hell lately so it is hard to comment but please know I am here rooting you on!

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