Friday, August 19, 2016

A black guy with a gun

I woke up before my alarm with wracking cramps.  Guess my period decided to get down to business.  It likes to spot for a couple days, then flood.  Happily I didn't have to do any laundry. 

I had a really weird experience at Walmart today.  We went, got some things, and were waiting outside.  Ron was sitting in the kiddie cart (the one with the blue plastic seat on the back), his walker folded up in the shopping cart basket.  I was wearing my "over the regular glasses" sunglasses. 

We saw some young black men come out of the store.  They were tall and muscular.  A white guy approached them, heckling them, making feints like he was going to hit one of them, and taunting them to fight.  The black guys kept telling him to leave them alone. 

The white guy kept bothering them.  The black guys walked off across the parking lot, and the white guy followed them (I didn't know that). 

As we were leaving, the driver said "OMG, he has a gun!  He just pulled a gun!"  One of the black guys, tired of the taunts and feints, pulled a gun on the white guy and was telling him to leave us alone.  I couldn't blame him.  The gun was probably illegal but clearly the guys needed it. 

The white guy finally stormed off down (a road), carrying his backpack.  He was clearly homeless. 

I told Ron either 1 of 2 things had happened, either 1.  He was trying to provoke a fight so he would go to jail and have a place to stay for the weekend.  or 2.  He was mentally ill, manic, and off his meds.  I am inclined to believe the latter. 

Once or twice, before diagnosis, I picked fights with people (nothing like that, it was verbal), and it wasn't pretty.  I didn't like that about myself. 

But man, that white guy was just boiling with anger.  I was glad he wasn't pointing it at me.  He was, in my opinion, a lot scarier than a loaded gun.  And I've had a black guy point a loaded gun at me (see September 2012 blogs for that). 

Glad to get away from all that.  This world is getting crazier. 

Ron just reminded me I forgot to get a new shower curtain and rod.  Yes, that was the whole reason for our trip to Walmart.  Yes, I feel foolish.  No, I didn't put it on the list.  I got everything on the list, I just forgot to get the shower curtain things. 

After all the drama at the Walmart, I was ready for a nap.  I slept pretty well and no nightmares this time.  I did have an odd time-travel dream where I was trying to prevent a catastrophe. 

I got up, did some cleaning.  I had a tract stuck to the floor, of all things.  Apparently the tract was on the floor under the bookcase.  I spilled a drink (I remember the cats knocked over one of my half-gallon drinks), and the artificial sweetener must have acted as some sort of glue.  I actually bought putty knives to use as scrapers. 

The spray cleaner didn't work with the scrapers.  The scrapers did get some stuff up, dry. 

I got my Trusty Lysol lemon and put that in my 5 gallon cleaning bucket, with my Libman wonder mop.  I slopped some solution on the problem and left it for a while.  After about 5 minutes, it came right off. 

Good.  Glad the scrapers did the job.  I hope I never need them again. 

After I finish the blog, the plan is to sweep the tile part (everything but the bedrooms) and mop it.  I have the solution all made up, and I have a little bit (tail end) of the mania. 

The depression is coming soon enough. 

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