Saturday, August 27, 2016

A taste of the good stuff

The migraine stuck around through this morning, and I had to go buy 50 cases of inventory. 

"This" I thought, "Is going to suck"

I got up, got ready, and took some Excedrin.  I am still spotting so that makes almost 2 weeks. 

I haven't really thought I might be premenopausal, sure, I could be, but was I?  Now I'm beginning to think I am. 

Do I care?  No.  My only concern is that my cycle will become less predictable as I get closer to The End. 

I waited on my morning pills, knowing I would have a vomiting migraine if I took my antidepressant.  Nothing, nothing, is sadder to me than being depressed, with a migraine.  And I can't take my antidepressant because of the migraine. 

Our first ride was aggravating.  If there is room, the client is allowed to "transfer" from the wheelchair into a regular seat and ride along with the other passengers. 

I opened the door so Ron could transfer, to find a young man sitting there glaring at me.  I asked him to move over so Ron could sit in the cab (I could have been nicer). 

"He be in a wheelchair.  He can stay in it" the young man replied.  I was furious. 

"Fine" I replied, and slammed the door.  The guy had a tantrum because I slammed the door, I could have hurt him, etc.  I made sure to check he didn't have anything sticking out before I shut the door. 

The driver was an immigrant, one of those guys who defers to everyone and won't set any rules.  So he made Ron ride in the back. 

The young man continued to tantrum.  He finally calmed down and his grandmother (?), riding next to him, tried to work him up again by telling him it wasn't worth it, calm down, in such a way as to get him upset again. 

He said that was "just a taste" of what he could do and he was "fine now" he was going to "give it to Jesus".  Yeah, right, I thought.  If you're a Christian you have a terrible witness, refusing to move for a blind man in a wheelchair and then having a tantrum like that. 

Then the grandmother proceeded to tell him she had been right about his ex girlfriend, she "had a weight on her" and "Was fooling around with that baby daddy", etc.  It's like she was trying to get him to blow.  I just couldn't understand her "logic".  I was so happy to get out of there. 

I went to the warehouse and looked around.  I decided to get some powdered peanut butter powder.  I have heard good things about it online and decided to try it with my soy protein powder to make some shakes for Ron. 

Ron will drink a protein shake if 1.  It doesn't have lactose (which cuts out all the whey and casein ones) and 2.  It tastes good.  I wasn't sure how it would taste but I decided to give it a shot. 

I made him a vanilla/pb shake later and he loved it.  He drank nearly the whole thing, getting an easy 30 grams of protein, so I'm very glad I did it.  Ron is going to need a lot of protein before and after his surgery.  Not to mention all the blood he lost this week, he's got to replenish that. 

So, back to work: I got everything to work, into the building.  I did my stocking, including the coffee machine, and made the machines look good.  I recruited Ron to help me stock the pastry.  I have to bend over to stock, but he can just do it straight from his wheelchair. 

We finally finished.  We went home.  I took my morning pills, a nap, and then a shower, because I had gotten pretty sweaty working.  I put a fan in the bathroom to help it vent. 

We went to Sears and looked around at the washers/dryers.  I am not excited about buying a new one, I worry it will be a piece of crap, but I don't have a choice.  My washer is on it's last leg and the dryer won't dry.  It works, it just doesn't heat. 

I found one I noticed last time.  It is HE, which I have heard bad things about.  It has very mixed reviews (the washer), people either love it or they hate it.  Everyone, though, loves the dryer.  That's good to know. 

I finally bought a decent set of cotton sheets (well, Ron bought them), and hung them on the back of the wheelchair.  They are 300 count, 100% cotton.  That should work. 

I am tired of my cotton/poly sheets.  They don't breathe and I feel suffocated.  I will take whatever I can get to help me sleep better. 

Years ago, about 20 years in fact, I worked at a high end linen shop.  It really spoiled me for good towels and sheets.  Before, I never knew of cared what I was using, but after I had a taste of the good stuff, I was hooked.  I tend to have 1 set of nicer sheets that I literally wear out. 

One thing I found upsetting, when I got my new bed, it is 9 inches deep (the mattress), so my old sheets didn't work anymore.  My old mattress was only 4 inches deep so any sheet would work.  I might as well donate them, I guess.  After I check them out and make sure they are OK to donate. 

I am hard on my toys. 

The mall was crazy, very loud and overwhelming.  We bought some dinner at Taco Bell and ate it in a rush.  Both Ron and I were really happy to get out of there. 

Our ride was surprisingly on time, considering it was later in the day on a weekend.  We had a straight ride home. 

I am doing some laundry in my old washer (it usually works, but has "not worked" enough for me to realize I need a new one), mainly my new sheets. 

We don't have any trips for tomorrow so maybe I will sleep in, and then work on house cleaning and organizing.  I'm not sure but I'll tell you. 

You can always count on me to tell you! 

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Melanie said...

I have had the 600 and 800 thread count sheets, and though I can't deny that they did feel good, nothing has ever felt better to me than the plain old-fashioned, rather stiff, percale sheets you used to could find everywhere. It's because I get hot so easily (I'd like to think that it's menopause, but after a medically necessary complete hysterectomy app 3 decades ago, I don't think so! I'm just naturally hot-natured, it seems). The percale sheets seem to hold their coolness much longer. I could never bear flannel or those tee-shirt jersey sheets, I get hot just thinking about them.

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