Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A bloody blackout

It looked like a crime scene, a huge pool of blood, spatters, and a smear headed up the hall in my direction.  I followed the trail to Ron's room and found another, wide, smear on his door.  Ron was covered in blood and looked like a murder victim. 

He fell of his walker, during a blackout.   

I got him up (he was awake, sober, and totally unaware of the carnage), and got him in the bath.  When he got out, the bath was red.  He cut the back of his head.  It's scabbed over already.  You only have a 4 hour window to sew up a laceration, if you wait too long it's just too late.  So it will have to heal up naturally.  Ron will just have to be careful brushing. 

Ron would say he was kidding, but he blamed me for the blackout "You wouldn't watch a movie with me.  You better watch one tonight or I'll have another one".  That sounds an awful lot like blaming, and threats. 

After the bath, I began the mop.  That took a while.  I used Lysol lemon something-or-other.  It did the job, it just took a while. I had to change the mop water as it got bloody. 

I kept thinking this is what a family of a murder victim must feel, as they clean up the blood.  Some came off in large flakes, some just dissolved on the mop.  It was taxing. 

I poured out the last bucket of blood-water and rinsed my mop, storing it in the usual spot. 

I was sweaty, and due for a shower anyway, Ron had finished in the bath.  So I had my shower.  Then I dried off and did my God Time.  I'm still on my cycle, it has been over a week now (mostly daily spotting). 

Ron just told me he has learned he will sit on the floor when he drinks, not the walker.  He is teasing me about hitting him last night. 

And the day has only started. 

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Anonymous said...

Heather there is a real informative piece about aspartame and headaches. Go to the bottom and scroll up to find it. I thought of you right away.

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