Saturday, August 6, 2016

A long day

I got up early and took my shower.  My capris weren't dry yet so I wore my knit shorts and a performance t-shirt  I knew it would be an active day. 

Ron had woken me up a couple times last night, laughing at the TV.  I had been pretty annoyed at him, but on the other hand I was glad he was laughing. 

It did confirm my decision not to stay with him in the hospital, though.  I would never get any sleep. 

I haven't done my God Time yet (bad headache), but I got everything - my other morning routine, done. 

Our ride came pretty much on time, I pushed Ron in his wheelchair out to the vehicle.  He "transferred" (sat in a regular seat).  It was ugly to watch. 

We got to our destination - the warehouse.  Everyone had a large, flat-screen TV on their shopping cart.  They must be having a sale.  I felt odd loading my cart with "just" snack foods and soda. 

Ron asked me if I wanted a new TV and I said no.  I just got this one, 24 inches is plenty. 

I got all my stuff, except the peanut butter crackers, which I forgot.  Oops.  I honestly don't see the appeal of the things.  They taste awful and dry to me, getting stuck to the roof of my mouth the last time I ate them. 

I did get everything else.  Cookies, other crackers, candy, several kinds of chips, pork rinds (I do not have halal vending), soda, etc.  Finally done. 

I rolled the beast up to the registers to check out.  I still had some money left when I did.  Good.  I rolled past several more people with new televisions and got out to the parking lot. 

I recruited a manager to help me, he was helping put a television in the back of someone's crossover SUV.  I asked if he could help me next.  He couldn't really decline. 

More managers showed up and helped.  It was a little odd.  For once, I did not offer to tip.  I knew that would get the regular cart attendants in trouble. 

For some odd reason, he wanted to take out the wheelchair, fill the truck bed, and then put it back.  Huh. 

Our driver asked if we wanted to run by Stripes.  Ron was pretty cranky and complaining.  I thought a taco or two would do him good.  I said yes and ran into the store.  I got him 2 chorizo and egg tacos, add beans, add 2 strips of bacon.  The bacon is only 40 cents a slice and it's the good thick crispy kind they cook in an oven.  I got a few things for myself, mainly some decaf diet soda. 

We got to work and I fetched the carts.  Since I had a lot of inventory on one cart, I only brought 2, a 3-shelf metal "bus" cart, and a folding mag-liner (like you see UPS use).  I got them out into the suffocating heat, humidity, and sun.  Ugh. 

Looking back, I probably should have worn my sunglasses for the unloading process.  I have a very unfashionable pair of sunglasses that fit over my bifocals.  I don't care about fashion, I just don't want a headache. 

Next time I hope I remember to do this. 

So.  Ron was very creaky.  He literally couldn't walk to the back of the truck, unassisted.  It was very painful to watch. 

That's the kind of thing that makes me think he needs surgery, then I read another horror story and I think, maybe not.  I am so confused. 

I got Ron in the wheelchair and onto the ramp.  Now he could roll himself up the ramp, which he did.  He complained the handrail was "hot" and needed insulation, but he got into the building OK. 

I pushed him into the air conditioning and got ready to move my carts.  I had about 20 cases of drinks on one cart, so I got that first.  Once I got that in our driver helped with the other cart. 

Ron and I had been talking, in front of the driver, about "hiring" someone to help unload the truck.  The driver said he would like to try and see if he could do it.  Interesting.  I guess he is worried I will hire someone else altogether.  I think he also feels bad about watching Ron struggle. 

To that end, he pushed the second cart (light and loaded with mostly snacks) into the building. 

Once I got Ron into our area, I pushed the carts (ALWAYS push, don't pull, you will wreck your rotator cuff) into our area.  I left the water and Diet Coke by the fridge, and the snacks by, well, the snack machines. 

Then I helped Ron with the bottled vendor, fetching drinks and such.  I figure it is more important to help Ron right now than to do snacks as the very first thing.  I had some product.  They weren't going to starve. 

Ron told me, without me saying anything, he would work on his attitude, and he did a very good job of that.  Up to that point he had been pretty bitter and angry. 

It felt odd "serving" Ron first before I did snacks, but I was glad to help him.  I am a born nurturer, Ron says. 

Once we got the bottled vendor done, I refilled the fridge with drinks, and added our new drinks.  Then I bought the cart back to my area. 

I did sandwiches and got started on snacks, using my "old" (1 week) inventory before the "new".  I have an interesting mix of "plain" stuff, Nacho Doritos, two types of plain chips, Sun Chips, etc.  Then I have about 8 "hot" selections".  The hot selections do very well.  The other vendor doesn't like hot chips and believes they cause ulcers (!), so she won't sell them.  OK, I accept the sales.  We have a lot of "kids" who love the hot stuff. 

But I have plenty of "boring" stuff, too, like the regular Doritos and regular Ruffles.  I also have hot pork rinds and something called "Takis" - the very angry frito I described in an earlier blog.  Those are both doing very well. 

I got all that done, then did cookies.  Crackers/candy looked OK, so did pastry.  I went back to the stockroom and put everything away, then I resumed helping Ron with canned soda.  I helped him get cold soda to put in the bottom of the machine (it comes out first) and then room temperature soda to put on top.  By the time the "top" soda gets to the bottom, it is cold.  We have very good compressors in the vending machines. 

I forgot to put nickels in Snack 1, I just remembered.  Oops.  I will get that on Monday.  Hopefully someone will come along and buy a couple of things, with just nickels. 

So basically I did all my work and helped Ron with his.  Well, I helped Ron first, then did my work. 

Someone came in selling BBQ dinners, a huge violation of our contract.  I was delighted.  People at work want to buy a hot meal, that's why they still want us to "reopen the deli" (that lost money every day it was in operation).  However, other people have picked up the slack, fixing meals at home and bringing them into work to sell.  As far as I know, no one has gotten sick. 

I mentioned it to Ron and he asked me to buy him one.  They were sold out, but one of our friends gave Ron her dinner.  We took it home and Ron ate some, he said it was good. 

The other vendor would have a stroke if he knew about this, go the plant manager, and have a fit.  I don't plan to tell him, and will remind Ron not to mention it. 

If someone wants to slave over a hot stove to make some "side money" I'm not inclined to fight it.  Complaining will just make us look like bad guys, and from what I saw all the BBQ dinner customers were the "brown baggers" anyway - we aren't losing any money.  In fact, since she didn't include a drink, we will probably make more money than we would have, selling cold drinks out of the vending machine. 

We finally left.  I got Ron's tacos out of the fridge and put them with the BBQ dinner.  Our driver came pretty quick. 

We had to pick up someone else, he was kind of confrontational - I didn't like him much.  He was very brusque with the driver. 

Maybe this is the average customer, and why, Ron says, the drivers like talking to me so much.  I don't treat them like that. 

We finally got home, got into the house, and Ron ate some of the BBQ dinner.  He put the tacos in the fridge. 

I ate some cottage cheese and some kind of breakfast square - whatever it was it is filling, and took my medication.  I'd had a long day and I wanted to make sure I had "everything" on board. 

I actually stayed up late last night doing my pills, so now I'm good for 2 weeks.  Good.  I hate doing up my pills. 

I took a nap.  I woke up when Biscuit came in chasing squeaky mouse.  He had so much fun, though, I couldn't be mad at him for waking me up.  He sounded so cute leaping, jumping, and pouncing.  I had to laugh at my double standard - if Ron had pulled that I would have yelled at him, but I let Biscuit get away with it. 

When Biscuit got tired he climbed into bed with me and flopped against my leg.  Now that was a good nap, except for the headache, which was getting worse. 

I didn't want to take an Excedrin but it was a little beyond an aspirin.  I decided to compromise and take it with a can of Diet Dr Pepper (40 mg caffeine).  That has gotten rid of most of the pain, although I still have some tightness and discomfort. 

I'm not sure if it goes to the bright sun, the peanut butter M&M's, or both.  I don't think I will be eating a lot of peanut products (except for my breakfast protein bar).  Biscuit got up with me and is sleeping in a crate behind me, lined with his favorite paper bag.  He's licking a back paw and looking adorable. 

Biscuit and I have had a special bond ever since he climbed on my shoulder at the bus stop. 

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