Monday, August 8, 2016

Public servants

Well, we got a lot done today. 

We went to work and did that.  I also mailed the check to our program, they get a percentage every month.  We still have enough to live on. 

We did the monthly accounting report last night so we got that done.  If we don't do the report and mail the check, we lose the business.  So, important.  Done. 

After work, we decided to go to DPS (driver's license and ID cards), and get that taken care of.  Both Ron and I needed to be renewed.

I was very impressed with their treatment of Ron - but I'm getting ahead of myself. 

I clearly could only fill out "one" paperwork at a time, and only present at one "window" at a time, so Ron would need help.  We called our driver.  He agreed to act as Ron's caregiver at the facility. 

So, he filled out the paperwork.  Ron was called before they even finished the paperwork, but they got done pretty fast and probably finished in 15 minutes total.  I had to wait, I'd say, an extra 10 minutes.  Not bad. 

I had brought all our "important papers documentation" - everything, passport, ID, social security, 2 pieces of mail each, etc.  Turns out all we needed were the old ID cards.  Good.  They did take fingerprints and compare them to the ones on file.  I have no problem with that.  I'm still me. 

I got my paperwork, I am good for 6 more years.  Not bad. 

Ron, apparently since he is a "senior", has an indefinite card.  He will never need another one.  That is excellent.  Good. 

6 years isn't bad for me, either. 

It was funny, I was at the window conducting my business and she took my photo when I was changing expression.  "Oh" she said, upon viewing it "Let's take another one". 

Now, public servants love to take horrible photos.  If it was so bad even she said - it must have been bad.

I thought that was funny. 

We escaped and got some cheap fast food for lunch.  I had my pills with me so I could take them.  Which is why I bring them with me. 

We got home, the garage door is still acting up.  We will have someone out tomorrow, I guess.  It makes loud banging noises like something's about to pop.  That's not good. 

But I got a lot done today, even some light housekeeping. 

However, my dryer is dead.  I don't have a lot of clothes going through the wash every week so I have been hanging them up to dry in my bedroom.  I will deal with the dryer issue at a future date. 

I'm guessing maybe early September, when they have the Labor Day sales.  Assuming Ron doesn't have his operation. 

Ron wants to get better, but has an understandable terror of further disability.  And, at the end of it, surgery has to be his choice.  It has to be the thing he feels is best. 

Because, if it doesn't go well, Ron has to live with it. 

Last night I had trouble sleeping so I picked up Torbie and brought her to bed.  She was very cuddly, I actually made my knee stiff bending it around her.  But I felt it was worth it and I still do. 

I got home around 12, time enough to take a nap, so I did that.  Ron woke me up around 1 because someone was in the backyard, a utility worker.  I went back to sleep for an hour but it wasn't the best quality.  I tried to get Torbie again but she declined. 

So I got up. 

Ron made an appointment to talk to Primary Doc on Thursday.  We will discuss surgery and have him fill out his portion of the paratransit paperwork. 

Ugh.  So many things to do. 

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