Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Crazy one in town

Well, that was odd.  Someone stole my garbage. 

I got up feeling as if I couldn't get any more sleep, but not really rested either.  I assume that is a medication/bipolar thing.  Especially since I'm a little manic right now.  I should be sleeping less, not more.

I did wake up at 3 am and told myself to go back to sleep, which I did.  I finally got up a couple hours later. 

Biscuit was being a pest, begging (he is the gray and white cat with the gray tail), so I told him "NO", sternly.  He kept begging.  I told him no a couple more times and he slunk off into a corner, crushed. 

I didn't mean to break his heart, I was just teasing him.  He didn't even come when I clicked the can of food, or when I poured it out.  He did get up on the table and watched Baby Girl eat (so I guess he was begging on her behalf).  He did forgive me but I felt like a monster. 

I took my shower, got dressed, and went to Walmart with Ron.  I got 36 cans of cat food, some soda, t-shirts for Ron, drink mix for both of us, canned food for us, etc.  We paid and had a good ride home. 

I put everything away and took a nap.  I had dreams I was organizing things.  I have interesting dreams when I'm manic. 

I decided to get up and tackle the front room.  I did that.  I got most of the major organizing, and moved a very heavy bookcase, to free up a lot more room.  I put a broken (missing a vital part) pressure cooker out at the curb, along with a very pretty solid wood end table.  I just don't have anywhere for the table and I would rather it go somewhere it will be used.  I had a plastic box without a lid, and I filled that up with moth-eaten knitting projects, bits of paper, etc.  I put that out at the curb, too. 

This whole process took hours.  But I'm very pleased.  It looks very good.  I just need to sweep and mop the floor, and do some more purging. 

I don't have a problem getting rid of stuff, I just have trouble mustering the energy to sort through it all. 

I took the rest of the garbage out, losing my flip flops in the mud (it was raining).  I managed, though, but I got mud all over my clothes as a result.  They all went straight into the washer. 

I put the trash out around 5.  I ordered a pizza about 2 hours later.  When I went out to get it, the pressure cooker, the table, and the plastic box were all gone.

Someone stole a box of garbage?  My trash?  I tried to remember if I had anything important in it, but was pretty sure I hadn't. 

When I threw something out later, I found "my" trash placed into the big, lidded, container.  So they didn't take the trash after all, they just dumped it and stole a plastic storage box with no lid, and a separate lid that went to another box that's gone.  It won't fit on the first box.  We did have the business name written on that, and the street address, but I'm not too worried.  What can they do with that?   To repeat, no financial information. 

For a while, about 10 years ago, I was growing potted plants in large pots.  However, if I missed one day of watering they would die in our heat.  So I had a lot of large, dead, plants, in pots.  It never failed, if I put one out at the curb, they would take the dead plant and the pot. 

So, maybe it's the same person.  I would hate to see their home. 

I ran out of room for the garbage, but I will get freed up tomorrow on trash day.  Then I am allowed 5 items (trash cans, items, or trash bags) next week.  I had my 5 items but someone stole 3 of them.  I wonder what they plan to do with them. 


I'm not the only crazy one in town. 

At some point in this I checked the mail.  It was pretty standard stuff, except for something from Doc.  He was a little worried about Ron's A1C, at 5.74 it is a little high.  He suggested lowering carbs. Smart Doc. 

I told Ron, basically told him no bread or rice and he should be fine.  He has to be tip top if he has surgery. 

Ron's been doing fine today.  He likes to stay awake at night and sleep during the day. 

Biscuit is snoring behind me, on the floor.  It's adorable. 

Baby Girl got out when I came back in the house, but I caught her and brought her back in.  She wasn't too happy about that but she'll live.  I can't take a chance of her getting out and getting hurt.  I saw a big pit bull wandering the streets today. 

Something like that would love to cause thousands in vet bills, assuming she even survived. 

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