Monday, August 15, 2016

A lot to do

Today I woke up exhausted and reset my alarm clock, providing the absolute minimum of time before leaving.  I got up, talked to Ron a little bit, and took my shower. 

We left for work.  The first driver wasn't very cuddly at first but she warmed up to us. 

We got in there.  Things were pretty dead.  Soda 1 had a coin jam and we had to fix that, then deal with unhappy customers.  I showed them the flaw in it's design, and how the other machines do not have the design flaw, then explained it was better to use them instead.  They walked away happy.  Good. 

Ron complained his legs seemed weaker, a bad sign.  I just helped him.  He has to make any decisions about surgery on his own. 

We got it all done and came home.  I ate something and took a nap. 

I had a good nap and woke up with not one, but two cats in the bed.  Later on I found Torbie in the underwear drawer.  "I hope she doesn't have worms" I told Ron.  "I'm going to end up with vaginal worms".  LOL 

The answer to that is no, she doesn't, and no, I wouldn't anyway. 

She was so happy in that drawer, she only emerged for treats.  Oh, I'm tired, I keep misspelling words and fixing them. 

I did my God Time, glad I got that done. 

So, I got to work in the front room.  I have pretty much cleared out most of the area I wanted to get, and filled up the trash can to boot. 

It's been raining so I put the cat litter boxes (cardboard) out to be softened by the rain.  I can mash them up and either put them in the recycle can, my "standard" can, or the 95 gallon large can (which is pretty full).  Trash day is approaching, then I can start tossing more stuff. 

It's not like "Hoarders" where they haul of whole dumpsters of stuff, but I do have some stuff that is obviously not "mine". 

Some stuff, like my winter things, I'll store.  But what about half-knitted blankets?  Scrap yarn?  Other craft supplies?  Not as easy.  Notebooks are easy, I just put them up on the bookcase.  I have plenty of notebooks now. 

It's just a lot to do. 

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