Monday, August 22, 2016

Way more personal than it should be

I like to change my tampon right before I go to bed.  That way, as I sleep, I'm leaking into a fresh one, not a half-full used one. 

You can imagine my shock and horror as I pulled the tampon out, only to be attacked by a giant blood clot (at least 2 T).  It hung on the end of the tampon for a moment, then made a dive for the toilet seat.  From there, it began a slithering journey towards the floor.  I managed to catch it with a paper towel and get it thrown away, then cleaned everything up. 

Way more drama than I wanted.  My cycle had been oddly light this time, I chalked it up to premenopause.  I was half right. 

Apparently this is normal, and not a cause for concern, as long as it isn't happening a lot, every cycle.  It isn't.  This happens, for me, every couple years, lately.  Feb 2012 was so bad I still wonder if I was pregnant.  I won't know until I see God. 

So, I basically evicted the whole cycle into a massive blood clot last night.  Now I'm back to a very light cycle but I still wonder if I have any monsters lurking in there. 

Sorry if I offended you.  I found it significant so I thought I'd share.  Hey, at least I didn't take a photo of the thing - which some women do, and post it online.  YUCK. 

I had a hard time falling asleep last night, I kept getting up to pee, and then I overslept this morning.  I took my shower and did my God Time later.  I was really glad I had shaved my legs yesterday so I didn't have to "fool" with it today. 

I managed to organize the garage a little better to give Ron more room for his wheelchair. 

I got dressed (black capris, black t-shirt, white quarter crew socks, steel toed dark gray sneakers), and headed off to work.  It wasn't raining thank God.  Ron hates to get wet.  I don't really mind if it's a warm rain. 

We got to work and stocked.  Sales had picked up so I was pretty busy filling them up.  Then some people came in with a projector and started giving a "White belt lean sigma 6" training.  Apparently, last year we were dead last in the nation.  Now, we are 13 out of 67.  The talk went on and on. 

Our sandwiches hadn't arrived yet, we were a little worried.  Ron went off in a corner and called the deliveryman.  No answer.  Ron called the boss.  I don't know what happened but they sorted it out in a couple of minutes. 

The deliveryman was pretty confused but eventually we sorted it out.  I went in and stocked the food machine, which was right next to the projector screen.  That was a little odd.  I waited until the speech was over before I serviced the coffee machine. 

Once I got that done, I was ready to go.  Ron needed a little more help so I did that.  I am gradually doing more and more of the heavy lifting for him.  If he gets the surgery, it's good practice.  If he doesn't, it's preventive medicine. 

Ron does not need to be doing any heavy lifting. 

More people filed in and they began another training.  Oh, boy.  Happily it was time to go so we left. 

We had a straight trip home in a "short bus".  The driver offered to push Ron up the driveway, but I told him what I always say, it's good exercise. 

I took a nap but Ron made some noise so it wasn't the most refreshing.  Most annoying, he got a piece of plastic caught in one of his walker wheels.  It make annoying sounds as he pushed it around the house (or while he sat on it and rolled himself, he does both).  When I got up, I fixed it. 

Still pretty depressed and I expect to be, for a while.  I hated up a frozen lasagna for dinner.  Ron didn't want any and accused me of being "a food pusher".  I just told him "I'm trying to get you to eat more protein" which is true.  He's over 60.  If he has surgery he will need a lot of protein to heal up. 

But, try to tell him that. 

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Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I used to have clots like that and i tell you what! They can be STARTLING!
The peeing all night was always good for a few pounds of water weight the first days of my periods i peed like a race horse! I talk like they have been " ocer for ages" last one was four months ago, fingers crossed I AM DONE, i am almost afraid to jinx myself but Heather it has been almost two years with out a migraine and i used to have them like you... There is hope once The hormonal swings halt doe the migraines and intense moid swings . I am still batshit crazy , but it is much better i am not as extreem as i was at all. You are so smart keeping this blog. It gives folks hope and validation.

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