Friday, August 12, 2016

It's an energy issue

I started getting manic last night.  Good. 

A small mania is really good.  A large one = hospitalization and clinical emergency.  One book on bipolar disorder said we were "touched with fire".  More like "play with fire". 

So, I'm trying to stay "warm" and catch up on housework.  I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet and sorted everything out by sell by date.  I will do more cleaning and organizing as I can. 

First, though, I had to get up at 2 AM and go to work.  We got the Dr Pepper delivery and stocked.  I did an inventory, I need pretty much everything.  Sales are down, but we still require inventory. 

It was a long day but we did it.  Ron started complaining his back hurt.  He attributed it to "too long in the wheelchair".  I disagree but didn't, aloud. 

He was VERY stiff as a result. 

He didn't need any additional help, but he was a lot slower and stiffer, moving. 

I hope he doesn't do permanent damage to himself.  I hear horror stories about "I waited too long for back surgery". 

After work, we went to the bank and deposited a lot of change.  I got paid (!) and we came home eventually. 

We ended up riding with the woman who manipulated us into buying her that brisket dinner, she ran ahead of us in line, and by the time we caught up she had ordered a $15 plate, turned around, pointed the finger at me, and said "They're paying". 

We had offered to buy a $7 sandwich, not a full blown meal.  Ron was very clear he would buy a sandwich.  Anyway, she did us a favor so I felt better about her, and she did a good job strapping the wheelchair. 

Some of the drivers (not lately) are lazy, and figure it is sufficient to put the brakes on the wheelchair and leave it unsecured.  It bounces around, falls, and rattles like a can of nails.  It is awful. 

Especially when I consider a new wheelchair is going to cost us at least $150.  So I am a little bit of a "bitch" about "making" them tie it down lately. 

Ron cannot get around in public without his wheelchair. 

We got home and I ate, took my pills, and took a nap.  I woke up around 4 PM.  Biscuit was draped over my leg, waiting for his dinner.  He had thrown up on the floor. 

Well, he does that.  It's not his fault, he's just bulimic. 

I fed him his dinner and he threw up again.  I told him to get it all out and then cleaned it up.  I would be worried if Biscuit was thin, but he's not - he's nearly 15 pounds.  He just does this sometimes.  It may be one reason he was dumped. 

I don't see it as a big deal.  It's funny, I think dirty diapers and infant/toddler care are just revolting and the worst thing ever, yet I regularly clean up cat puke and deal with a litter box.  People always say "It's different when you have them".  Well, I have cats. 

I still had some energy so I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet and sorted out everything by sell by date.  I was very proud of myself. 

"It's not a hoarding issue" I told Ron several times "It's an energy issue."  If I have the energy, I will absolutely clean and organize.  If I don't, if I'm depressed, I can't and the house looks like something out of Hoarders. 

Thank God I do get manias.  Life would be a lot harder if I didn't. 

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