Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My cats almost murdered my driver

The cats have a contest, who can scent mark Ron's walker.  They rub their faces and bodies all over the seat and handles, claiming Ron as their personal human, go away other cats.  I catch them at it several times a day. 

I never thought much of it. 

Then, today. 

Our first driver put the walker away and began wheezing and coughing.  "Do you have a cat?" she asked in a choked voice.  Yes.  "Oh, that's it".  She put the windows down and hung her head out the window, coughing, wheezing, and sneezing.  I felt so bad for her. 

She had another pickup and managed it very professionally, still ailing.  I suggested it might be dander on the walker and she used some hand sanitizer. 

She coughed and wheezed all the way to Walmart.  By the time we got out, the hives had started.  I felt so awful, lower than the lowest worm, my cats were torturing this poor woman. 

I will never mock a person with allergies, again.  I never knew someone could have a cat allergy like that. 

I put Ron in the kiddie cart and we began shopping.  He wanted a lot of stuff, duct tape, cat treats, etc.  He wanted Tylenol and other things. 

I wanted an over-the-door shoe organizer, for the bathroom.  Not because I have a lot of shoes, but because I wanted to organize my "stuff" - pads, tampons, cleaning products, makeup.  All of it can go in a pocket and into organization. 

I also got some small milk crates because I find a million uses for them.  Today's went to organize my protein bars.  I also had to get some LED lights because my bathroom light fixture had burned out.  It's a big hassle to take the glass off and replace, I have to climb up on a stepladder, on the top step, reach up 7 feet in the air, and try not to fall off as I do it all. 

I did not take my morning meds (read: Haldol) until AFTER I had done my "ladderwork".  Once I got all 4 bulbs installed, the glass secured, and off the ladder, I was happy.  It looked good. 

Then I took my morning meds.  Of course the antidepressant kept me from taking a nap, or maybe I am still a little manic, but I couldn't sleep.  I got up and did the over-the-door thing, and cleaned up the bathroom a fair amount.  I even got some stuff done in the garage. 

Ron and I went out to lunch and had a pretty good time.  The driver was not allergic to cats, happily.  She is very nice and I like her. 

When we got home I took my PM meds (read: lithium and Depakote), still not tired, had some energy so I did more cleaning and organizing.  I am hot, sweaty, and tired, but I got a lot done. 

My slow feeder cat feeder came today and I tried it out with Torbie.  I put treats in it and she had a lot of fun fishing them out. 

Ron and I had our "I need some personal time" argument.  You know, the one where he says lets do lots of stuff together and she says I need some personal time.  Then he objects and goes to the name calling and I don't love you anyway, etc. 

I do need some me time.  I can't spend every minute with Ron or I'd go nuts.  I remember years ago, our youth pastor had "The Book of Questions".  It was designed to provoke discussions.  One of them asked if you had to be on a remote polar base, for a year, with someone, who would it be?  The pastor said it would NOT be his wife because it would be too much togetherness.  He ended up getting divorced, years later. 

Now, neither Ron or I are planning on a divorce, but I need a little more space than he does.  Normally he understands that.  But I don't want to spend all day with him and then watch a movie, when I am having a mixed/depressed episode.  Yuck.  Catch me when I'm manic and we'll have a great time. 

Tomorrow we go to work, but it won't be a horrible day.  In the meantime, I will burn off what's left of this manic by cleaning and organizing.  I have a lot of trash at the curb already.  I hope someone takes the old TV.  It is a good TV.  It is a low-def, "old school" TV.  It's just too bulky to store in the space I have.  My garage is already so full I had a hard time finding the shower bench (I need that after Ron's surgery).  I finally did but that's a sad statement.  A shower bench is a pretty large item. 

Use it while I have it (the energy).  That's my motto, so off I go. 

Let's see if Ron will deign to talk to me about the slow feeder. 

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