Sunday, February 15, 2015

Unless you're the fish

Other than church it wasn't too bad today. 

I got a pretty good night's sleep, until the neighbors come home.  Their car door and front door slamming always wakes me up. 

They all went out for Valentine's day.  When they got home, the dog went nuts barking for attention.  It went on for several minutes, and I heard the man go out and yell at the dog to "shut up". 

I think it's safe to say the barking annoys them even more than it does me. 

This morning, when we came home from church, I noticed their gate was open.  The dog must not be in the yard. 

I don't believe they take it into the house.  They left it crying outside all night in 30 degree temperatures last month. 

If the gate's open, the dog is gone.  For good?  I don't know.  I do know the man seemed to be pretty sick of it. 

Really, a new pet is another child.  It requires a time and energy investment.  Ron shares with me, playing with them, feeding them, water bowl, etc.  I do litter.  :p 

Anyway, when they're gone, I will go look.  There's no discreet way to go outside and see if the gate is still open.  I don't want people nosing around my yard, so I will return the favor (even though I could tell by standing on my own property).  I will be able to tell "leaving for work" tomorrow, assuming I don't hear any yapping tonight. 

I also had a nice, quiet nap, pretty much.  I had the people riding around playing loud music for a while, they just loop around the subdivision for 30 minutes or so.  I don't get that.  Why torment hundreds of your neighbors? 

And #6 came home from an outing, like I said the noise always wakes me up.  God forbid a Bad Thing happens, I will hear it and be able to call the police.  One night, several years ago, some guy was banging on the door at midnight, yelling in Spanish.  They had an intense discussion right by my bedroom wall.  I assume it was some kind of marital drama. 

I don't speak spanish.  Lucky for them!  I would have heard all the "juicy" details.  [rolleyes]  It never happened again, thank God. 

Overall they ARE pretty quiet.  I think that's why I do get so upset when they "go off the chain" and have a wild party. 

Everyone else around me is very quiet, pretty much 100% of the time.  The only one who might be a problem has a landlady.  I have her number and she has asked me to call. 

Yeah, I'm THAT neighbor.  Not sorry either.  Ron paid for this house in his own blood. 

So, I'm watching one of those survival shows, set in Alaska.  I need to watch this stuff instead of the crime dramas.  It's much more uplifting (unless you are the elk, or fish). 


Melanie said...

Heather, can you please call the Humane Society or something for that poor dog? I can't bear to read the blog right now because of the situation with that poor little dog, being left out in the cold and alone all the time. I have a heart for dogs like you have for cats, so I know you understand. II'm not at all blaming you for sharing in your own blog, what's occurring in your own life, I blame those awful people for keeping a poor dog in such conditions. I hope there's someone who can help. It's tormenting me. Thank you.

Heather Knits said...

I did call the police to do a welfare check, and I believe they did some instruction.

I haven't heard it crying anymore. They aren't beating it. It seems very friendly. They are feeding it, and it has shelter.

Yes, in my opinion (and yours too I'm, sure) it should be a house dog and not a yard dog. I am not a big fan of dogs, and I hate the "yard dog" concept.

However, I don't see everything that goes on. They could be bringing the dog in for family time every evening - I just don't know.

Because of that, I don't feel comfortable making a complaint.

When the Barkappotamous was out in the rain with no shelter, I complained. When a dog behind us to one side was so skinny I could see her backbones, I complained. Neither of those people have dogs anymore. They "got tired" of the "hassle" and surrendered them.

I have to assume, if they are bad pet parents, they will "get tired" of the dog and surrender her. She is very cute, small, and friendly. Someone would be happy to adopt her. She seems OK with her living situation.

I feel sad for her at times but it is better than being put down, or many other living situations. For instance, they aren't using her in a puppy mill.

Melanie said...

Thank you Heather, you knew how to do more than I would have known-I didn't know that the police would do welfare checks for animals :) And I know that even though cats are your heart, anyone who loves any kind of animal won't be able to pass by and see another kind of animal being mistreated. So after what you say, I feel a lot better.

I'm with you on the puppy mills-I've never had a store-bought, "pedigree" dog in my life-all are rescues, from the pound or people who need to offload a dog for one reason or another-six right now :) I've shared you about the puppies-they're still affectionate, thank Heaven, and just as full of puppy mischief as they can be-I'll never be sorry that my husband and niece brought these dogs to my home! I wouldn't be anyway, but these are so perfectly what I've needed from a dog lately

Thank you so much for noting my comment and replying with your heartening reply-I can read in peace now, and as always, you and your family-including cats:)--are in my prayers.

Melanie said...

Oh and I totally agree on the "yard dog" thing-leaving them alone and outside like that is what can make a dog mean and anti-social. Dogs are pack animals, they need companionship to be the best they can be.

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