Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bad Kitty

I had a hard time sleeping after the drama, last night. 

I overslept, Ron woke me up (nicely).  "I guess your alarm didn't go off". 

No shower.  No God Time.  Today, I did feel my hair was unacceptable, especially since I got very sweaty loading the truck.  Ugh. 

Then, more stress at work because a coin mech had fouled.  We couldn't fix it on our own.  We have to get the repairman. 

"I don't mind giving him the money" I told Ron.  He's very honest, a good family man, and a hard worker.  He has great admiration and respect for Ron's work ethic. 

I did get to stock most of my (new) plentiful snack inventory.  I needed just about everything.  Candy, crackers, peanuts, cookies, and every chip you can imagine.  I did stock the "down" machine even though we turned it off, so I don't have to worry about stocking it once it's fixed. 

It took quite a while.  I helped Ron, rotated stock, put everything away (hell of a job, remember I have 34 square feet), and restocked the drink fridge with our older inventory. 

Something good, though.  I got scratched, on my face, by the kittens last week.  I have a longish scab on my upper lip, running from my nose to the lip. 

I don't want it to scar.  Yes, I am a little vain. 

I have been taking lots of antioxidants.  I also decided to get some glycerin and apply it to the scab.  The scab had been getting a little itchy and I know it's best to keep the area moist.  They put glycerin in everything. 

I am happy to report, one day later, it already looks better.  Doing a little research after the fact, it's been proven to help.  Glad I listened to my gut on that (I'm sure God put it in my head). 

I finally got it all done and we left.  We had a pretty good ride home with a good driver.  However, my nap was not meant to be.  The kittens caused an uproar, which caused Ron to wake me up.  Baby Girl sat on #6's garbage can, taunting the dog, which of course barked like crazy. 

Bad Kitty. 

I hope I sleep well tonight. 

We fix the kittens tomorrow.  I really hope we get good trips. 

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