Sunday, February 15, 2015

Total waste of time

Not happy with our trip to church. 

1.  The ride was nearly an hour late. 
2.  The driver "Didn't like the Beltway" and took the slow route. 
3.  We arrived an hour late, during the sermon. 

That's pretty typical.  It is a little embarrassing, but no more. 

The sermon's what bothered me.  It was a lay person preaching.  I could tell he had read The Harbinger because he kept referencing "warnings from God to our nation, like warnings Israel had before her destruction". 

Assume I'm biting.  By now I had the bone deep discomfort I associate with Bad Teachings and cults.  Assume I am still "riding". 

He then said we should "Not be political".  Um, excuse me.  If I have a chance to vote for the "better" guy, I'll do so.  I will also encourage other believers to vote for "Mr Better".  I will "Like" relevant and appropriate political comments on Facebook. 

He talked a whole lot about the tribulation, which current believers will not experience.  First the rapture, then the tribulation "We are not appointed for wrath".  You can still get saved after the rapture, by the way, not that he said anything.  

What should we do then?  We should pray! 

That's it.  Nothing about repentance.  Nothing about evangelism!  We are called, commanded by God to go preach the Gospel to a dying age.  Hell is coming, fast.  I want to help pull people out. 

Church ended and we left.  We hardly had time to say hello to anyone before our return ride arrived.  Probably a good thing.  I was NOT happy. 

So what did I do on the way home?  Shared the Gospel with our driver (as I'd done on the journey to). 

Other than the evangelism, a TOTAL waste of time. 

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