Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Because it's quicker!"

"It isn't hard" I told Ron.  "If you screw up, admit it.  Tell the customer you are sorry and make it right.  How hard is that?" 

We had just paid a $5 refund.  The guy was understandably upset he'd lost the money in the bill changer, but we apologized immediately, told him what we planned to fix it, and gave him his money back. 

You can imagine how I felt, standing at Sam's Club, having already paid, the receipt snatched out of my hand, the card not returned.  I demanded they either 1.  Give me my money back or 2.  Give me back the receipt for the items I did buy. 

They refused, and kept telling me to "be quiet" as I repeated my requests, with progressive loss of temper.  Oh, I was pissed, and I admit it. 

1.  Took me out of line and said she wanted to "prescan".  "Because it's quicker!"
2.  Didn't take my items off the cart, even though that is policy, to transfer from one cart to another as the items are scanned.  Why?  "Because it's quicker!"
3.  After I paid, recounted all the items on my cart - items I made no attempt to hide, realized a discrepancy, and had a panic attack recounting everything and checking the receipt.  This is why you take everything off the cart.

About this time I told her this was NOT quicker.  I was NOT happy, and I would NEVER do that again.  I indicated (pointed) at the people waiting for me.  I repeated I *had to get to work*.  They took the receipt "To check the items" "Because it's quicker!"

I bitterly mentioned that those BEHIND me in line had already gone home by now.  It was not quicker, this was a terrible idea, and I was Not Happy.  

I had already paid.  I said, if you're not giving me my receipt, or letting me have my merchandise, I need my money back.  "Oh, we can't do that!"   Fine, give me my receipt.  "Oh, we can't do that!"

That's when I said "I either need the receipt.  Or my money back."

The cashier actually told me to return the change she'd given me for the transaction.  I told her, hell no.  I need the receipt, or my money back, but I am not giving you any more money.

Can I have my receipt, or my money back?
If it were up to me, I would never come back.
"Oh, we can't do that!" 
Can I have my receipt? 
"Oh, we can't do that!"
Can I have my money back?  They laughed.  "Oh, we can't do that!"
I called Ron.  He rolled in demanding a manager.

By this time, we had 3 managers.  I kept repeating "Give me my money back, or give me my receipt.  I want one.  Or the other.  Now."  They told me to "Be quiet while we figure this out" (!!!!)  I got even angrier.  Don't take my money, screw up my transaction, against my wishes I might add, and then tell me to shut up when I want you to make it right.

Sam's Club, you forked up big time.  You let the situation deteriorate to this point, and even worse, you let me walk away angry without even an apology.  This was the one at Richey and 45, Tiffany was the supervisor who messed up the transaction. 

"I'm sorry, Mrs. B.  I really thought this would be better for you, but I was wrong.  I'm so sorry.  This will never happen again."  I would have been THRILLED to hear that.  As it is, I don't ever want to go back.  

I want to go to Costco, who, I hear, have 17 ounce bottled cases of both regular, and diet, Mountain Dew.  You know how fast those would sell?  [scoff]  Massive.  They would be massively popular. 

So, I still had to load the truck.  I ranted at the cart attendant and he said  "She's like that to everyone".  Oh, great.  She treats employees AND customers that bad?  Quite an attitude there. 

We went to work, I got everything onto the carts, stocked, helped Ron, did the usual truck day activities.  We paid a few refunds, with, I might add, the RIGHT attitude - we are going to make this right for you and we're very sorry it happened.  You are valued.  Please come back. 

Sales are still pretty slow.  One reason I didn't get a lot of snack merchandise.  By the way, the elusive unpaid item?  $6.88 worth of peanut butter crackers.  [scoff] 

We finally left.  Our rides were very good, by the way. 

We went home.  Yappy, the dog next door, barked a lot last night, keeping me up.  I was pretty frustrated and more than a little exhausted - but I remind myself so are they (the owners).  And they have an infant. 

They need their sleep even more than I do.  [sigh]  I did see the dog, it doesn't seem to be any bigger.  I guess that's a good thing - a smaller dog.  It sure barks loud. 

[shudder]  It gets better. 

Having NO idea, of course, how my day would unfold, I'd slept through my God Time.  I finally sat down to do my God Time and Ron's boss calls. 

I don't understand what he's talking about, requisitions and Ron's emails. 
Ron, I tell Boss, is not online. 
"He's emailing me". 
No, he's not. 
What?  He's asking for equipment.
No, we're not.  We'd like a newer bill changer, swap for an old one, but we're not emailing you or doing any of what you're talking about. 
Ron wants to know why I'm talking to the boss.  "Apparently, someone's using your name to try to defraud the state.  Am I right?" Boss agrees. 
"Tell Fake Ron to go to hell."
"You bet." 

Great.  All this and someone set up an email account in Ron's name, trying to defraud the state of Texas.  [clutching head in hands] 

You get the idea. 

We went to Walmart.  Walmart was fun.  I got some dinner.  We came home.  I finally did my God Time and Ron wanted assistance. 


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