Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Say no to chicken strips

I woke up pretty depressed, then flipped into a mania.  Ugh. 

I couldn't shut up!  Ron was half kidding when he asked me for 2 minutes of silence. 

We went to the dentist.  He had his crown mounted.  Happily that was pretty cheap. 

The crown was more expensive than exams for all the cats, vaccines for all the cats, and neutering for both kittens!  "Crowns" are aptly named.  I don't feel at all guilty about the vet bills. 

Happily I have never had a crown.  I think I have some 4 sided composite fillings, but that's it.  I have about 10 or so fillings, total, I think.  I got all of them in the late 90's.  I had one done on a back molar several years ago, that one actually cropped up after Ron's accident. 

I had 4 teeth pulled to make room for braces; 4 wisdom teeth pulled.  I also had a cyst extracted from my upper jaw and I have some scar tissue on the inside of my mouth, sticking the cheek to the gumline.  Because of that I developed 3 nasty cavities behind that - the saliva couldn't get back and keep things fresh. 

Anyway, Ron is the one with dental issues these days.  I just get the odd gingivitis attack from my dry mouth.  Crowns, fillings, root canals, broken teeth, you name it. 

I figure he will be in dentures, in another 10 years, assuming we don't get raptured.  Which means, I'll have to clean them.  Ewwwww. 

Oh, well.  Ron has a fatalist attitude.  "It's too late to take proper care of my teeth". 

After the visit - Ron looked a lot happier, feeling the new crown with his tongue, a thoughtful expression on his face. 

Doc said he could eat so we did that.  I got a few things at the store, and we went to work. 

It was, as expected, pretty slow, but like Ron said we did stock 120 bottles of soda, if nothing else.  I did a couple dozen bags of chips. 

I ate a chicken lunch plate for lunch.  Generally, I hate chicken but it looked good, it was affordable, the deli is stringent about food safety, and I had to eat.  I wasn't getting on my own nerves but if I'm getting very chatty then it's probably time to take my mood stabilizers (which I had). 

I ate 2 large strips (I gave the third to Ron, who ate about a pound of strips total), mac and cheese, and potato wedges, along with a soda and the medication.  Within 20 minutes I knew I'd made a bad mistake. 

Oh, rolicking sea of nausea.  I was OK until we started home.  We picked up another client at the community college.  She began talking about her church's fried fish dinner, discussing the sides, the seasonings used on the fish, the desserts... and she got a look at me and stopped.

We had to ride around for an hour and a half - pretty standard for a later afternoon pickup.  [sigh]  Not a problem, except for the nausea and a desperate need to pee.

But hey, I wasn't depressed, and too tired (from medication) to be really manic.  I didn't even have a headache!

When we got home Ron bolted for the bathroom.  Once he exited I emptied my bladder and ripped open a bottle of Pepto, chugging straight from the bottle.  That did help a bit; then I took a short nap.

I woke up feeling a little better.

Tomorrow I mail a care box to Mom and Dad.  They have had a lot of stress with Dad's heart problems so I figure they can use a few treats.  

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