Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Money machine

I guess I find it hypocritical. 

As I write this, two soft, sleepy, little boys lounge on my sofa, their heads pressed together.  They are the most bonded cats I have ever met. 

Yet not one rescue would save them.  I even had a good tale - dumped by a busy road and left to starve, they were being kicked to death by a mean woman who threatened to kill them.  All true; I wouldn't have brought them home unless I believed they'd die, otherwise. 

Yet, I read "rescue stories" online - animals with similar stories, everyone wants them. 

I mean, I get it: God sends me rescues because I generally don't go looking.  Baby Girl just showed up.  Torbie picked me out at the shelter.  Bubba, like the kittens, had been dumped and left to starve. 

I guess they really are my cats.  Torbie, Baby Girl, and the boys.  Ron adores them, not only are they cuddly, with unending appetites for treats, but they get into enough mischief he can hear them.  He enjoys playing with a feather teaser and feeling the bed jerk as they pounce, bite, and leap. 

God help anything that gets within range of the kittens. 

They've gotten better about the begging since I instituted the water bottle.  That was my only complaint.  If they get too close I squirt them.  They have food and they know that. 

They love to watch me clean the litter, and like to jump in and "contribute" as I scoop.  A little frustrating!  But they do make me smile even on a bad day. 

Some dark corner of my mind wonders if one of my other cats will die, now that I've found them.  We lost Bubba about 6 months after we found Baby Girl. 

Anyway... last night was a little wierd.  The guy in #8 was walking the dog (a small Yorkie, he also owns a pit bull), with his child, about 3-4 years old.  He also has twins about 8 or so. 

Anyway, the little boy got a little grabby with me, getting into my space, trying to take my keys out of the mailbox, etc.  His father corrected him, though, so I said "It's OK." 

The guy looked at me, a little baffled, like he expected a really ugly reaction.  Maybe #6 told them I'm a vicious bitch who screams at his children, I don't know, don't care. 

I will avoid checking the mail when I see the little kid, though.  It was pretty late, after dark.  I realized the "mister" in #6 still wasn't home. So, he had a party, the dog barked all night, and he had a really long day doing labor (he does construction). 

And the dog barked a lot, last night, over by their bedroom windows.  Somehow I don't see the dog lasting long.  If they rehome it, I hope they do it while it's still small, cute, and more adoptable. 

I actually feel sorry for the dog.  This is why shelters ask a lot of questions - to ensure you don't get a dog, stick it in your yard, feed it, and ignore it, playing with it 20 minutes a few times a week.  My cats, and I've got all sorts of problems, have much better conditions.  

*I* slept in until 8, because Ron gave me the day off.  We didn't make any trips for today (it's drizzling and "very cold" for Houston - in the 40's, which is 4-5 C).  I had got up, did my God Time, and showered. 

My policy is working - the antibacterial soap on my cyst-problem areas.  I just use 3 bars of soap, one for my face, and the other 2 (the last one is moisturizing).  I watched Supernatural for a while, I hadn't seen these episodes. 

Ron woke up around noon.  I ate some really bad frozen Chinese food.  I can say it didn't make me sick when I took my pills, but I will never eat it again. 

I tried to take a nap, but heard the dog bark.  I thought "I might want to check the back yard".  I did tell #6 I would check the yard and throw back any balls.  I hadn't done so on Monday, after the party.  I found a couple foil pouches of drink mix, and rolled my eyes. 

Very mature, throwing your trash in my yard.  And way to go raising your kids.  Don't respect property lines.  When you are forced to respect them, trash the property. 

Oh, well, it could have been worse.  Like I said in another post, they had a lot of glass bottles.  It does make me think I'd better get some vinyl windows on the back of the house so they can't be broken.  I believe it would also keep the "noise pollution" down during the parties - the windows are better sound proof. 

I'll pray on it.

Ron was upset, told me to take it to the neighbor.  No, because he would turn it into "But if we could come on your property we would have thrown it away ourselves".  That, and it validates the act as "upsetting" to us. 

From what I've learned with bullies, it's better not to react.  You throw trash in my yard?  I pick it up later and quietly throw it away. 

It's kind of pathetic, nothing better to do during a party?  I always wandered around, chatting people up.  I've always been an extrovert. 

At least it did answer my question about caffeinated drinks and the children - I had wondered if he gave the kids soda or something during the parties.  Apparently not. 

That stuff is poison, too.  It's just water and corn syrup.  Ugh.  I wouldn't feed that to a convict. 

Anyway, I realized I probably wouldn't be able to nap.

I offered to help Ron download some music.  He asked for 4 songs.  I got them.  He kept mentioning he thought he'd forgotten something.  I didn't remind him he had wanted Margaritaville.

Why would I ever want, or encourage, songs about alcoholic blackouts?  It's the stuff of death metal, not country.

I didn't remind him.

I had an easy time putting the songs in the cart, playing samples on Youtube, etc.  I had a horrific time actually downloading.  Apparently I am now forced to download an app.  Then Ron's username and password didn't work.  About that time, Ron stormed off, saying it was all ruined, and went to bed.

"How would you feel..."

How would I feel if I wanted to do a 5 minute favor and it ended up in forced downloads and half an hour of aggravation, after I had taken my pills and couldn't think to begin with?

[shudder]  I finally got the little bastards, pardon my language, and put them on the flash drive.  Ron made a big production out of accepting them because I had "ruined" the songs.  Apparently, getting frustrated at being forced to download the app was very "damaging" to him.  [rolleyes]

He really needs to get one of those talking smartphones with the Shazam app.  He can hold up the phone, "catch" it, and it will automatically download if desired.

Please, take me out of the equation.

When Ron left the kittens took his spot on the couch.  I figured out the program and did some online surfing and laundry.

Since sales are so slow, we work tomorrow, but not much.  That'll be nice.

I also got a box of seeds yesterday, with some free samples.  I don't plan to grow the samples but I appreciate the gesture. They all went in my "seed box" in the fridge.

Just another day off with depression.  Ugh. 

Oh, and I forgot to take my money out when I washed my jeans.  My washer looked like a money machine when I opened it up.  Pretty funny.  I got everything (I hope) and set it out to dry.


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