Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cat Mom - not a wheelchair

We had a busy day. 

Last night I put up the food and starved all the cats.  This morning, I put the boys in separate carriers.  Each carrier had one of their beloved slippers.  They like to knead and suckle on the soft, fluffy, fabric, and found them very comforting.  They "worked" on the slippers as we took them to the vet. 

We had a good ride to the vet, with a driver who actually liked cats.  Most of our drivers hate cats.  We got there before opening, of course. 

We only waited a little while before the technician came by to open.  Once he did he took the boys back.  When he returned, he praised them for being so "good and friendly". 

Sometimes, he told me, you have to put the carrier into the kennel and then open it, then yank your hand out before kitty "gets" you.  Our boys were cuddly and purred. 

They are lovers. 

The office administrator came, and we got everything settled.  Ron wanted to do microchips while they were already "out".  I thought that sounded great.  I have heard the injection is painful for the cat.  You might as well do it while they're unconscious.  I  also got some Laxatone because one of the girls has hairballs.  

I heard retching last night, but I don't know who.  It was an adult cat, though.  

Ron brought the walker.  Sad to say, he gets "better trips" when he "is a walker" and not "a wheelchair".  Wheelchairs are, like, the untouchables.  Sad.  You would think they would be a higher priority.  

Anyway, the paratransit company hired a standard cab to take us.  It was the same driver we had on Sunday.  We got a card, in case we need a ride, he does work our area.  We would pay him full fare of course, plus a tip.  He was interested. 

We got to work early and used every minute.  The repairman came.  I didn't feel so "stupid" after he told me I couldn't have fixed the problem on my own.  He had to work on it for a good 10 minutes with various specialty tools.  Happily, I'd already stocked it.  I just had to flip the switch.  

I did pastry, that was about all I needed.  Ron is giving me a couple days off because it is quiet.  

Pretty soon, time to go.  We went to lunch.  Ron got "the special".  Our pickup was going to be so awful Ron called a cab to take us home.  We agreed it was "worth it" to get home an hour earlier.  We were only about a mile and a half away anyway.  

We got a really nice guy (Ron and I had prayed and I specifically asked for a nice driver), who doesn't mind the small trips.  He was just delightful.  

We went home and I took a nap.  I heard some noise, and then the butthead who drives around in circles playing loud music. I did get some sleep, though.  

We woke up, called the vet.  The boys were fine.  Our friend came pretty soon after that and we liberated them.  

Everyone at the vet had fallen in love with the boys.  One tech threatened to keep Gravy.  They are very loving and sweet.  

During the last checkup, the vet kept praising us - the boys were in top condition - a nice change from their "rescue" state just a few weeks before.  And we're getting everything done in a timely manner.  

I want to be the best Cat Mom I can be.  

Ron had eaten himself sick on "the special" at lunch.  He went to bed when we got home, but called me a few times.  I took our friend out for a fried chicken dinner (I got chicken fried steak and biscuits).

The kittens ate, and are now raising hell, tearing up the house, playing.  The painkillers are clearly working.  

I'm to give them some pain meds twice a day for a few days.  I don't think they will need them for long.  

I'm a little worried they will over do it and tear something.  Gravy, of course, is banned from the shower enclosure for a week or so.  He loves to clamber into the shower when I bathe.  He doesn't get under the water, kind of on the edges, just getting damp but enjoying every second.  But, not for a while.  A wet incision would be Bad.  

Torbie is hiding in my room.  Smart girl.  

Baby Girl is watching them.  

So, Yay!  Tomorrow off.  Should be fun - even though we're predicted rain the next couple days.  Saturday looks to be thunderstorms. 

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Melanie said...

I'm glad to hear that the kitties are giving you some joy :) Two of my puppies do the same thing when I'm in the shower or bath-one of them I have to hold off or they will get in with me! LOL-at least bathing them shouldn't be a problem, and I'm going to see how they like swimming this summer (the pool is fenced with concrete at the base, so they can't get in on their own). I don't know what I'd do without my sweet dogs some times, no matter how much of a challenge it is to keep them from destroying the house without totally spoiling their fun :)

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