Monday, February 9, 2015

Get it all done

We had an early morning pickup, 4 AM.  The driver made a lot of noise picking us up.  [sigh]  I don't want to be the noisy neighbor.

The other client had asked for a pickup time.  It's just that "Pick me up at 3".  The problem, they almost always assume they will get a straight trip to their destination.  When it's not, they pitch a hissy fit.  Of course, if you ask why didn't you make an appointment time, they say "Oh, they pick me up too early".

Guess what, honey, you're on the bus now.  You're going to be either early or late.  If you want a straight ride you had better call a cab.

Anyway, we had to endure the ongoing whining.  It got old.  I wasn't sure if the lady was "limited" and not understanding how to make a trip, or just playing games.  The driver thought the latter.

We went to an apartment complex several miles from the house.  I like it better than the apartments near our house.  It is solidly decent.

Unfortunately, it did have a gate.  I hate security gates.  Half the time they don't work, the other half they're wide open.  And the speedbumps, bumpty million speed bumps.

Did you know Ron gets really carsick?

After our pickup, we had another at this complex.  However, the driver didn't have the gate code.  She let out a scream and cringed back in her seat.

I wryly wondered if we had another grasshopper.  The last time I saw that kind of hysteria a grasshopper had gotten onto the vehicle (I removed, and released, it).

No, it was a young black man in a hoodie!  He had a smart phone, and was texting.  He didn't seem at all threatening to me, but the driver nearly had a panic attack.

She demanded we "watch him" and pulled the vehicle as far away as possible.  I thought it was excessive.  He looked a lot safer than most of "my" Bible Handout recipients.

Probability estimating says a young man dressed for work, albeit with a hoodie on top, standing outside an apartment complex at 4:15 in the morning, texting on a smart phone, is not a "high risk" fellow.  Tell that to the driver, who, by the way, was black!  

The driver complained about the gate code.  "Open the door" I told her "And I'll go ask him for the code".  She objected, and actually put her hand over the door release so I couldn't do it on my own (I wouldn't have done anything without permission).  The other client, in the meantime, frustrated "I'm gonna be late for work" for the 50th time, went to the window and yelled at the young man, for help. 

He, of course, opened the gate.  It did give me insight into what it's like to be profiled.  That woman was having hysterics. 

We got to work, got it all done.  Sales are still pretty slow but not bad considering.  We need more inventory tomorrow. 

We filed the accounting report and mailed the check.  I chatted with the other vendor. 

Ron and I left, went home (good rides, pretty much, today) and took a nap.  I had some odd dreams before I woke up, but was delighted to find Torbie had joined me in bed.  She's a sweet girl. 

She's actually next to me right now.  She seems to see me as her personal property.  That's fine.  I can always sneak a cuddle from the kittens now and then.  They purr everytime we touch them. 

By the way, this morning, I inadvertently separated the kittens.  They were MOST UPSET.  They don't mind being locked in a room all day (to prevent escape when Daddy comes or goes in the wheelchair), but separately?  No way.  They were screaming when I came in the front door, and Gravy had done his best to dig a hole in Ron's carpet (he mainly just pulled it up, and I reseated it).  Poor babies.  I will never do that again.  They are so bonded, it's like they're one animal. 

After our nap, we went to the pet store.  Ron needed more kitten food, and salmon for the girls.  I got the grain-free "salmon is the first ingredient" food.  I have to be careful reading labels.  Some of that stuff has "animal digest". 

What the what is animal digest?   About what I expected.  I am not feeding that to my babies. 

I'd rather feed them real food.  I sound like a commercial, but I've seen it myself: the more I spend on quality cat food, the less I spend on vet bills.  They don't get sick, unless they're dying, and you can't prevent that.  I'd rather spend the money on good food. 

And, they love it.  They come running when we shake the bag of food, and they gobble it up. 

I also got some cat milk.  I thought the kittens would enjoy it.  I forgot Baby Girl is also a dairy lover.  She drank some and "covered" the leftovers, painstakingly using invisible dirt to hide the bowl of milk - it's her seal of approval.  I don't know if Torbie had any, but everyone else did. 

And, a carrier.  I found a cheap plastic carrier.  Somehow, Biscuit got into it as I assembled it.  He seemed to like it just fine.  I let him out. 

I didn't want to stuff both kittens in the same box (although they love it), or put one of the cats in the BARC  carrier "Thank you for giving me a new home".  You're welcome, kitty, but I don't want to look like a loser who can't afford a decent carrier.  Besides, cardboard?  That won't last. 

Later this week, we take the boys to get their shots.  A week or so later, I assume we will get them fixed.  Since they are pretty small (not as small as when they found me!) they need a little time between each "insult". 

I'll rest a lot easier once they are fixed and mended.  I am a little worried about them wrestling and damaging the incision.  However, based on what I saw today I can't separate them.  I'll pray about it. 

Still depressed, took everything as directed - woke up with a headache.  Not fun.  But I did get it all done today, so that's a win. 

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