Monday, February 2, 2015

Small and cute

The neighbors had quite the festive party.  It went on until about 8:30.  I was delighted it ended so soon.  I attribute that to the weeknight.  The husband walked around picking up things for a while, which got the dog excited and barking.  Apparently they got pretty drunk, judging by the number of bottles he dumped in the recycle bin. 

I wonder if people realize you are held liable if your drunken guest causes bodily harm and/or property damage.  Ron and I have agreed to never serve alcohol to guests, ironic, considering - but we don't want the liability.  We had one friend (he moved) who had many DUI's.  Another guy wanted 6 glasses of wine every time he'd visit, and he was very frail (with a literal kitchen table full of medication). 

I had to get up at 3, and that was cutting it close.  9 PM I figured maybe I can at least get 6 hours of sleep. 

No.  The dog.  Barking and barking and barking and barking.  All the way until 2 AM.  Nice, one hour before I have to get up. 

I did have Torbie in my bed, so I just saw it as a nice, long, extended cuddle session.  She doesn't mind some petting now and then, and stretched so beautifully in my bed. 

I lay in bed, thinking I was surprisingly well-adjusted, considering.  I reminded myself, however bad I found the barking, the neighbors found it worse.  I am 99% sure the wife did not want a dog at all.  They have a newborn (2 months).  I'm sure he got it on impulse, oh, it's so cute.  The dog must have kept waking the baby, and as a result, the parents, assuming anyone could sleep over there at all.  The more that happens, the higher the odds of "rehoming" the dog.  The dog will also become more aggressive playing, chewing, etc.  Once it punctures a few soccer balls and knocks a few toddlers down...

A couple of people have told me, as well "Oh, I love animals when they're small, cute, babies.  Once they grow up I don't like them anymore."  Funny, I'm just the opposite.  I prefer an adult.  The kittens are cute, but a little annoying at times. 

Maybe I'm odd.  Opinions? 

I tried my waterproof earplugs.  They work the best of anything.  They have a semi-corkscrew design in a soft rubbery plastic.  They actually stay in, unlike every other earplug I have tried.  They are not the most comfortable but they do cut the noise.  I tried those for a while but found them a little nerve wracking. 

Ron: is he in trouble?  Is he having a blackout?  I can't tell with the earplugs.  Funny how alcoholism and caregiving can affect even that aspect of my life. 

I begged God to give me a decent quality of sleep, and I feel I got that.  I had "enough" to keep me going through the day.  It does confirm my opinion: get a good nap whenever possible, that night's sleep quality is not guaranteed.  You may end up in the ER (happened a few times with Ron), you may have some blackout drama, you may endure incessant barking. 

I got up about 3 AM.  I didn't take a shower, too dead.  I brushed my hair and teeth, applied deodorant, and fixed my ponytail.  I had laid out my clothes the night before.  However, it was a lot colder than I expected.  I would have worn long underwear if I'd known I was in for that! 

We went to Walmart first thing.  "Metrolift left us there too long" per Ron.  I saw it as a great opportunity to visit the seed racks in the garden department.  I found some good stuff I wanted, and put that in the cart.  We "had" to get 2 microwaves for work, I got the basic model.  Ron's had one for 14 years.  It even fell of a shelf in the garage, and was fine.  I feel perfectly satisfied putting that out. 

We went to work. 

I need to explain a policy I developed.  See, back in late 2001 I had a feeling something bad was going to happen.  One day I told Ron I was glad I had married him, good times and bad, I was still glad I picked him.  I told him the things I admired about him and that I had seen him progress a lot in his struggles.  I told him I was proud to work for him (still am), because he worked far harder than he ever asked of his employees.  You get the idea. 

2 weeks later he was in ICU, not expected to live.  You can bet I was glad I told him all that. 

We had a horrible fight the night before the accident and Ron called me names.  I told him to go to hell.  He came back later and apologized.  I almost didn't forgive him.  Can you imagine sitting in the ICU waiting room for months knowing my last words were f&*! off, MF!

I work very hard at forgiving as quickly as I can. 

I have a general policy, if I have something nice to say I say it directly, then and there.  Today, it was my deliveryman.  "Thank you so much!  I was so worried today, we have a dentist appointment and I was worried it wouldn't work.  Thanks to you I can get all these stocked with plenty of time to spare, before we leave!  Thank you so much!" 

He grinned. 

I got everything done.  It was DEAD.  I stocked, literally, 15 bags of chips.  I am used to stocking at least dozens. 

Probably a good thing, we were both so tired.  I saw the other vendor.  He is doing pretty well.  I told him about the kittens and how much I admired/respected Ron for participating in their rescue.

It never hurts, I have found, to talk up my husband to other men.

We left.  Off to the dentist.  Of course a lot of our rides today were not direct, this one in particular, but we did well enough.

A couple hours later, Ron had his 2-sided filling.

A few months ago, his crown came off.  He refused to listen to my advice (go into the dentist and get it fixed).  Instead, he pushed it back on.  At some point last week he realized he had eaten it, and not recently.  Ew.

So, he needed a new crown, which cost a lot more than the kittens will for all their medical care.  I don't feel as guilty about that.

He had the mold made for that.  I only told him so once, and left it at that. 

I worked on reading one of my post-apocalypse novels, which is very heavy on military procedure, terms, etc.  I would like to read books about regular people, not a SEAL and his family after an EMP or whatever.  I didn't read long.  

[sigh]  Then we went over to Walmart (I pushed him in the chair).  I got a few things I had forgotten and we went home.

Ron immediately went into the kitchen, which I found annoying.  I had mentioned, several times, my need to take medication, which meant I had to EAT!  Use the KITCHEN!

Ron, to his credit, hadn't eaten all day, and I'm sure didn't think about me.  We bickered briefly, I got my pudding, and began gobbling handfuls of medication.

I laid down, but the dog was barking and yapping away.  I begged God for "a hand" and He helped.  The dog shut up, at least enough that I fell asleep for a couple hours.  I woke up with a headache from my medication, but the aspirin helped (my pharmacist told me aspirin is better with my medication cocktail, as opposed to other NSAIDs).

Ron gave me tomorrow off, which I accept. 

God knows I earned it.  

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