Friday, February 6, 2015

A tale of two strippers

I sat in the front seat of the paratransit "cab", as the driver told me all about the time a drunken stripper tried to steal his vehicle.  "You know" I thought "This could only happen in my life". 

I woke up pretty depressed, moderate headache.  I DID have Torbie! in my bed all night so that made my morning. 

I called her "My little Cushaw" after a squash I saw online.  She reminds me of them. 

Round, brown and orange mixed... a little green (her eyes).  Maybe it's just me.  She doesn't care what I call her.  She's just happy I love and spoil her. 

I got up, drank a diet Mountain Dew, and took a shower.  It helped with the headache.  Good.  I take enough pills! 

We had to go to the bank (note I'm telling you AFTER).  It was pretty straightforward, but they got us there early and left us there for 2 hours.

90% on time performance my fat butt!  Liars! 

It was tedious. 

We finally saw our driver.  He pulled in and immediately started telling me wild stories of his late night and weekend trips.  Two strippers putting on a show for him, trying to get him to lower the fare.  One drunken stripper (she didn't throw up in the cab, he related with relief), climbed in the open driver's side door and tried to drive off.  He was pretty freaked out, he said,  They poured her in the backseat.  She didn't pay him, he said.  And it was a $20 trip.  He was irked. 

"Don't pick up strippers!"  I wanted to tell him.  If they're causing you grief, don't get them.  Our entire zip code at work is pretty much a no-go zone for any cab in Houston.  He took the scenic route so he could share all his trials. 

Apparently I am sympathetic and a good listener.  I want to be - I think!  [laugh] 

He finally let us go, after taking us 20 miles out of the way. 

[sigh]  Some people, get a little power...  

Anyway, Ron had to "put the ride on hold" which resulted in a "black mark".  5 of them in a month and he can lose service for a period of time.  I get it, I like the concept, but it wasn't our fault we got there nearly an hour late! 

Like I said, some people get a little power... I have gotten a lot more placid about accepting injustice. 

Since Ron suspended the pickup I had plenty of time to shop.  I got some more seeds and a Sunny Seat for the cats.  The kittens haven't budged since I plopped them on it, hours ago.  They love it, curled up in a big heap looking out the window.  Adorable. 

I got a covered litter box and converted it to a snuggly den for Torbie.  She's a cave dweller, she likes enclosed places.  The box is huge, she can stand in it, turn around, and lay down.  I placed her blanket into it, instead of litter, and removed the cat flap door.  It was a little wobbly upon exit so I put some dumbells on the roof.  Tomorrow I'll get some weight plates and place them under the blanket.  She seemed to like it pretty well. 

I want her to have some nice cozy places to hang out, free of the other cats.  She is very patient, but she's an old lady. 

Ron and I were hungry.  He decided to call our friend to pick us up and take us to lunch.  We did that, and had a good time.  I had been pretty foggy all day from my medication and got even worse after my dosing. 

We got home, and I eagerly looked forward to my nap, but the neighbors were doing lawn care.  So much for that. 

I assembled the Sunny Seat and mounted it in the computer room.  I fixed up Torbie's box. 

Ron has said he'll build a condo for the cats, which they'd love.  14x14, or maybe a little bigger, would be ideal.  I measured all the favorite hangout spots, and the cats, actually, as they slept.  Torbie is terrified of tape measures, poor thing. 

What happened to her?  I don't want to know. 

That was pretty much my day. 

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