Saturday, February 21, 2015


I woke up with a splitting headache at 3 AM.  Ron was awake.  I talked to him for a while and fell back asleep.  I woke up a few hours later, still in agony.  I managed to get my shower and God Time. 

Apparently, I forgot my deodorant.  More later. 

I was pretty wound up an anxious from the OTC headache pills' caffeine.  Around 9 AM, I took some Aspirin. 

My stomach was not happy all day.  It's bad enough, I could hear the poor organ complaining, I have to deal with the junk food, and all those horribly toxic crazy pills, but now aspirin? 

Sorry.  The pharmacist said I should use aspirin as my primary painkiller. 

I am happy to report my face looks a lot better.  It appears I won't scar.  Good.  (The kittens galloped across my face last week during a nap). 

I caught up, a little on the laundry, and then Ron and I went to the Dollar Store.  I really wanted some C cell batteries for an automatic cat toy.  Of course they didn't have any. 

I did get some seeds, some fun stuff for Dad, snacks, batteries for Ron (alkaline for his wireless headphones), more batteries for my MP3 player (I much prefer a battery operated player, I had music for days after the hurricane when most players were dead.  I also had a very long trip to the ER back in 2009, and was able to listen to my music for nearly 24 hours. 

In short, I got plenty of stuff, just not the thing I came for.  Agh. 

We went home.  I still felt moderately crappy. I took off my jacket and realized I was a little ripe.  Hm.  I freshened up and changed.  

I decided to plant my Sunchoke tubers.  I'd ordered them last month. 

Since they grow wild in Canada, it's safe to plant them now, here in Houston!  I went out to Garden Bed 4.  It's got a lot of root competition from neighbor's trees, and slightly more shade.  It's probably the most challenging bed. 

However, my amendment program has worked.  I have lovely soft soil a couple inches deep, and then decent looking clay.  I planted them and mulched.  I will need to mulch the bed to cover the weeds (not many considering).  I will also need to explain "garden beds" to the yard guy so he doesn't "fix" it! 

I had plenty of fallen leaves and some shredded bark, so I used that for mulch.  I also used markers to denote the plants. 

These things grow wild in Houston.  They taste good.  I've eaten them (I bought some at the grocery store).  I have often ridden past a wild stand and wanted to forage. 

I finally decided, if they grow wild here, they will certainly grow well in my garden.  When I dug my garden beds (I basically have 1, 2 &3 merged, 4, 5, and 6), I used a stiff edging.  Nothing can grow into, or out of, the beds, especially if they're mulched. 

That said, I plan to allocate #4 for the 'chokes.  I can just dig some up, fall to spring, every year.  They will regrow.  I just need to mulch and apply some light fertilizer in the spring after the last frost date (I assume). 

I'm thinking about planting some yuca root in garden bed 5.  We'll see. 

I plan to put some pole beans around the 'chokes, I read that suggestion and it makes sense.  The beans like to climb, and contribute nitrogen.  The 'chokes provide support. 

I went out, it was nice, warm, a little muggy.  Lovely spring weather.  I had fun out there for maybe 20 minutes planting. 

I also checked on the remains of my poor fig tree.  It's gone.  I need to get something else in there (I built an above ground planter a few years back).  I'd like to add another course of cinderblocks and some more soil, then plant the chosen fruit tree. 

I don't think I want to do grapes, they are awfully messy and require a lot of tending - the muscadines do well in Houston but I need a lower energy garden.  I'm thinking citrus. 

I moved my faithful bay tree, still alive in it's pot years later, and added some compost.  At some point I need to repot it.  

I did a little garden cleanup and came in.  I washed my hands and said hi to the kittens. 

The kittens are doing great.  They were just in here raising hell. 

Torbie cat slept with me last night.  Apparently I am "her" property.  Aw.  She is pretty sweet.  I don't want her to be jealous, but I am flattered she thinks I'm worth fighting over.  Biscuit tried to join us around 3 and she smacked him - that's what woke me up, with the headache. 

Speaking of, it was pretty much gone.  I didn't realize my stomach was pretty cranky. 

For clarity's sake, when I refer to my stomach I mean the organ.  I don't mean "abdomen".  I hate it when people say they have "stomach" issues when they mean abdominal.  "I had really bad stomach pain and they took out my appendix"  AGH. 

Anyway, I have actual gastric distress now and then.  About 4 fries into dinner, I realized I should have gotten something else.  But what?  I couldn't eat the chicken salad.  I tried that ONCE.  I got so sick after taking my lithium, and that was when I was taking half what I do now!  No, I needed calories and protein, a lot. 

I gagged down my pills and watched Ron eat his hamburger.  I declined his offer to buy another burger for my breakfast.  I had to explain I was queasy, but I didn't know it until I began eating, but it wasn't the food. 

I didn't think of the painkillers until I started blogging now. 

We had another good talk.  Ron has mentioned, twice, on his own, he wants to order a book on addiction.  He even referenced it and his alcohol use in the same sentence. 

I, of course, am thrilled, but I played it low key.  I know my husband: if I push him, or make a big production out of progress, he will balk.  However, if I step back, pray, and turn him over to God, God will work on him.  I just need to be patient, and faithful in prayer. 

Looks like I was right!  God is working on him. 

I know a lot of people think, have thought, I am an idiot, a poor deluded fool who needs to lay down the law, set an ultimatum, and walk out. 

Ron already made it clear, in casual conversation, he would let me go if that happened.  I'm not afraid to lose him, outside of the usual "how will I make a living" issues, but I don't want to torpedo a marriage that can be saved. 

God's also told me I need to remain.  He's been telling me that for a very long time now. 

We had a very good date night, except for the nausea.  Ron was sympathetic. 

We even had good rides today, shockingly enough.  They were fine except for the nausea.  Since Ron is "on" a walker now, the paratransit company is hiring out some of our trips to cab drivers.  The cab drivers are great, very professional, and a guaranteed straight trip.  All the better. 

We don't have to tip them, but we do.  We want them to come back if they see us on the computer sometime in the future. 

The paratransit company issues a voucher, and the cab company takes it off their lease, or gives them cash. 

We did get a weather front today, and I have a couple days left 'till my cycle.  Even with the herbal supplements, I guess I was bound to get a headache. 

I just hope I don't have one tomorrow. 

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