Saturday, February 14, 2015

That's what I like to do

Ron's alarm went off at 1 AM. 

I woke up with a headache. 

After work, while attempting a nap, a maniacal kitten ran across my face, claws extended, leaving a couple of scratches and a whole lot of bleeding. 

I'm glad I don't know who did it - they were both parties, though, 'cause one was chasing the other.  When I sat up and yelled "Hey!", blood dripping everywhere, they stopped and laid down in the bed, so winsome and cute. 

My (formerly stalking) sister got out of the hospital (finally, per my niece).  I am sure I am "expected" to "Do something".  However, she made it pretty clear her ideal was me leaving Ron and moving in to be her unpaid caregiver.  No thanks. 

A big muslim center burned down in Houston - arson.  They are crying victim and hate crime.  However, muslims burn down and destroy thousands of churches every year.  How do we know they didn't do this themselves to be "victims"?  Americans always rally to the underdog and people are seeing the truth about islam - it is a religion of hate and domination.  This is all fact.  How better to turn it around than to become "victims of a hate crime"?  That's assuming the population is dumb enough to forget all the islamic atrocities occurring daily - and guess what?  They are.  They think I am the worst kind of hater for saying, islam is a religion that says destroy any bastions of another's faith - ie - churches and places of worship (all faiths, not just Christian).  It is not uncommon for Christians to be driven out of their homes in the middle of the night, in muslim countries.  Not only that, they have a policy of brutal revenge for any "offense" - in fact they are commanded to avenge themselves, brutally, in their "holy book". 

My holy book tells me to love my enemies, pray for my persecutors, do good to them.  You won't find that in the koran, anywhere. 

Let's talk about Female Genital Mutilation.  Yeah.  While it is publicly condemned, in reality no intact young woman will be able to make a "good" marriage - so it's done on a regular basis with tacit approval from the "holy leaders". 

Let's talk about child molestation - children being "married" at 7 years old and raped when "they can bear the weight of a man".  But what can you expect?  Their "great one" married a 7 year old girl, molested her every night in the bath, and then began raping her when she turned 10 (approximately).  Sadly, she was one of his "favorite wives" - he had several.  Her name was Aisha. 

The men are encouraged to beat their wives, dominate them, and oppress them.  [In the Bible, men are commanded to love their wives as Christ loved the Church, even to the point of dying for them.]  Girls have been shot in the head for "daring" to go to school.  I don't see how any woman, or anyone who loves women, can countenance that. 

I hate to see political spin cycles actually working.  This "faith" is DISGUSTING AND EVIL, yet is being twisted to be a warm little teddy bear with some funny outfits.  It makes me furious.  I want to vomit, I want to scream, and I wonder, yet again, why God even BOTHERS with humanity. 

Don't get me wrong: they have a perfect right, under the first amendment, to practice their faith.  I support that.  I just get so angry when I see the spin cycles working - that something as dangerous as islam is turned into a sad little victim. 

No doubt I will be flamed for this.  Ron has told me, one day they'll "get" me.  I don't care.  Bring it.  Until then I will continue to practice MY faith as I see fit, doing Bible handouts, sharing my faith, and praying  for those enslaved to (sometimes literally) islam, daily. 

Before you go click "comment" be aware I have comment moderation.  Your post will not show unless and until I approve it.  If it meets my standards, I will allow it to post.  So you can forget your attacks, apologetics, links, videos, etc.  You are just wasting your time and I will click DELETE.   Oh, and don't forget I'm praying for you daily. 

In fact, here are some links: 
The Amazing Life of Jesus Christ
How to Know God -specifically for muslims

OK.  I feel better. 

This morning was pretty rough, the headache and all.  At least the dog didn't keep me up. 

My gums have been bleeding, not to mention my face after The Kitten Incident.  I can taste blood in my mouth right now.  I am drinking something with Vitamin C added.  I hope that will help with all issues. 

I hope I don't get infected, and I'm vain enough to hope I don't scar.  I have a pretty good line on my upper lip.  The lower lip injury went sideways.  I think it also got part of my tongue.  Ugh. 

Anyway, I got up, depressed, headache.  No God Time, no shower even.  It was that bad.  Not necessarily because it's "Love Day", but just chemicals in my brain.

We went to work.  Things were pretty slow.  Some guy yelled at me because I don't carry "the banana bread".

1.  Bread type items, specifically muffins and poundcake, have a short date and are not very popular.
2.  The other vendor is buying them at about 70 cents and selling them at a dollar, sales tax included.  You can see that is a problem.  They can lose money on the product if they'd like, but I will stick to more popular items with a better food cost.  I have seen them throwing that exact product away. 

I didn't tell the guy the food cost, but I told him the rest.  I also mentioned that "Maybe the other vendor can afford to sell it at a loss, but I can't."

Later on, battling side effects, I mentioned my illness to a customer.  We have some things in common and compared medication.  I've always told Ron, if 5 out of 100 people are mentally ill,  and we're going to have 2000 people at the plant, that means 100 "crazy" people walking around.  One reason I am open about my problems - just in case someone needs a shoulder to cry on.

God knows I could have used someone after my diagnosis.  All I had was my poor, dead, alcoholic, addicted, mother.  She of the 7 husbands and MANY boyfriends beside.  She who died virtually homeless in a no-tell motel on the freeway, with a 2 liter bottle of vodka at her side.

I was horrified that was my "destiny".  I needed to meet someone with my illness, someone who had overcome and had a pretty good life in spite of it all.  Someone who could find humor in her situation, without minimizing it.  I never found that person, but I can be her.  [tips hat]

One lady did come to me, and asked me about "psychotic features".  "Her friend" was having a lot of paranoia.  I told her, no big deal, have "your friend" tell the doctor about it, and he'll give her another medication.  It is a small tablet and no big deal as regards side effects (bigger boobs!).  She thanked me, gave me a hug, and left. 

Was it her?  I'll never know and I don't care.  I was able to help. 

That's what I like to do.  

We got home after work, and I decided to take a nap.  Ron was going to the liquor store.  Our vet likes a glass of wine now and then so I asked Ron to get her a small gift card.  He asked if I'd like to come, "because they are really busy today".  I told him no. 

I couldn't leave the kittens loose, to escape when Ron left and returned.  He is pretty slow getting in and out of the house.  Since I was taking a nap, I decided to lock them in the bedroom with me.  After all, they are quiet at night, sleeping with me on occasion (Biscuit did last night, for some hours). 

They ran wild, tearing the place up, chasing each other up, over, and across the bed.  I didn't have a problem with that until they ran across my face. 

After maiming me, they were quiet.  My face throbbed, blood everywhere, I gave up on the nap. 

Ron came home, drank, and went to sleep.  [sigh] 

I'm listening to music on headphones. 

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