Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tech day

I added some new photos to the slideshow. 

It took me FOREVER to figure out how to load the phone drivers to my computer.  I finally got it today.  I hope I did. 

Anyway, BABIES! 
Biscuit's on the left. 

The last two - the boys sugaring Ron after their rescue.  I'm glad they felt we were worth a little effort. 

It's been tech day, that's for sure. 

Last night I decided to buy half a dozen songs from Amazon.  I got some Gospel Rap, and "Fancy".  I find it funny and sarcastic when I look at my own life; because I'm not.  I got the clean version. 

Anyway, while attempting to download somehow I selected everything in my cloud, over 500 songs.  I was horrified. 

I decided to let it go ahead.  I did find a couple things I'd missed, and 2 things Ron wants. 

Of course it took me 2 days to clean up my playlist.  I bought a LOT of Ron's music on my account, and I found the new playlist a horrifying mixture of country, old soul, classic rock, etc. 

I am pretty simple: I have old gospel, headbanger screaming Jesus metal, and gospel rappers.  I have a few odd other things like world music, but that's pretty much it. 

I guess I'm pretty narrowminded in my music taste, but I'm fine with that.  It's my music. 

We went to Walmart this morning.  I bought the home carbonation soda maker from Hamilton Beach.  I like it.  I just want to get some more CO2.  God knows I have plenty of syrup.

My mood was actually pretty decent, even though I woke up with a progressively worsening headache.  PMS meet weather front.  Ugh.

Shower, God Time, Walmart.

I came home.  The headache wasn't quitting.  I took a nap, it got worse.

I woke up, made myself some diet root beer, and took some aspirin.  That helped.

My pharmacist told me I should take aspirin with my medications.  I figure it's a good idea.  They give aspirin to heart patients, too, and I have a pretty high risk for that.  We have a family history of A-fib.  My mother's already dead of a heart attack.  Anyway.

The aspirin worked.

I finally figured out my phone.  Apparently I needed to install an additional driver (they could have made that a lot easier), so I am officially 100% happy with Cricket now.

Now to put some new music on my cell phone.  

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Anonymous said...

they are so cute ..healthy and well fed :) oh Heather I am so happy for you! and even more so for them

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