Monday, February 23, 2015

Beat the fur offa you

I'm going to start with last night.  Me, sitting in bed, on the verge of panic, trying to extract the earplug with tweezers and the damn thing won't come out! 

All the latino neighbors had "gatherings".  Three of them just around me.  They were all pretty quiet and I didn't hear any of those awful polkas, so I call it a win. 

I "should" have gone to bed at 6, but I could hear them talking in (their) backyard.  All Spanish of course.  OK.  Not going to bed yet.  I waited an hour.  Still talking.  They were, very clearly and apparently trying to "keep it down". 

I called Mom and Dad, an hour later, no talking but some noise.  OK.  Time for the earplugs.  I inserted them.  One of them seemed to protrude a bit so I pushed it in slightly. 

Not only was it very uncomfortable, it was also on the edge of hurting.  I decided to take it out.  But I couldn't! 

Ensue 20 minutes of drama, near hysterical, frantic applications of tweezers to exposed earplug section, my head tilted to one side, Ron trying to talk to me.  Not only can't I hear him, I don't want him to hear what happened until it's fixed.  I know he will be very upset and that will just feed my own distress. 

"I'll talk to you later" 

I kept thinking how I'd never get a cab to the urgent care center. 

I had to take several calming walks up and down the hallway (about 20 feet long).  I prayed - A LOT, and finally got the damned thing out. 

Of course my adrenaline was up and I couldn't have slept if you paid me.  I finally calmed down.  The visitors left around 9 - that's the nice thing about an infant in the house, they don't have late parties.  I fell asleep about half an hour later. 

Only problem: my wakeup was 2 AM.  However, I've often found that a 4 hour nap can hold me pretty well through delivery day. 

I did my God Time later, took a shower, and hoped we had a good driver this morning.  Some of them have personal, dramatic, agendas.  They pull up, back up beeping loudly, leave the door wide open and the dispatch radio blaring at maximum volume.  They do this at 3:30 AM. 

Here's a question: if I can hear the neighbors, do you think they can hear me?  Of course.  I want to be respectful.   I don't want to be hated.  I want Ron to be liked. 

However, when we ask the driver to please be quiet, a lot of them get a massive attitude and begin exclaiming in a very loud voice.  [facepalm] 

Do you understand the concept of quiet involves no shouting?  

Today, we had a great driver.  He's a little dour but he's good, and he's quiet!  We had a pretty good trip to work. 

I actually met a Metrolift dispatcher.  She was very nice and told me about the Bible Handouts before I mentioned them. 

I find it interesting, by the way, usually the high-drama posts get the most traffic.  I can see how many times a post is read.  Lately, it's been all about the Bible Handouts.  Every post with "Bible Handout" in the title is on the top list. 

I think it's good.  I hope they are inspired to go hand out Bibles themselves.  I don't think it's anything I do.  I'm just a tool in the shed. 

We got to work.  It was miserably cold.  I pushed Ron into the building and we went to work.  You could not tell, from looking at snacks, that I had been absent 3 days.  However, they did need some work.  I got started on that. 

We stocked everything, and I mean everything.  I got sandwiches and did them. 

However, no Dr Pepper.  Ron finally called.  A lot of excuses - it's not coming today. 

[Bad Word]   I got up at 2 AM, with 3 hour's sleep, for nothing. 

Ron and I got into a squabble.  It was embarrassing, especially as it happened in front of the union rep (one of them).  He thought it was hysterical.  I guess that's a good thing. 

Ron was very upset, and I had to leave him to let him cool down.  When he has a meltdown I can't talk to him or even push the wheelchair, he could react physically. 

You can imagine what would happen if he bopped me at work.  He almost did hit me, waving his hand in the air, but that would have been an accident.  So, I just left him. 

I didn't feel guilty about it. 

Ron came in later, making a concerted effort to "be in a good mood".  I had told the union guy, "I wouldn't talk to him, he's in a bad mood right now". 

Ron objected.  

Anyway, we finally got that that done.  We had done literally everything while waiting.  I put the carts away, lamenting I hadn't brought my Kindle.  I need to remember that on delivery days, or repairman.

Ron called and we actually got a ride within 45 minutes.  That's remarkable, especially since they sent the (another very nice) driver all the way from across town. 

We got to talking on the way home and we told her out theory that Torbie may have eaten the cord to a pair of Beats. 

"Oh, no!" she exclaimed  "Uh, uh.  I'm sorry, cat, but you do that I'm going to beat the fur offa you!" 

Ron and I laughed    I could just see the scene so clearly.  

We also discussed the importance of companies valuing and respecting their employees.  Just a box of donuts now and then can make a huge difference.  Say what you might about Ron, I know he values me.  We both know he can't do it without me.

We got home, several hours after we'd left. 

I heard the kittens wailing from my bedroom (I lock them up when we leave so they don't escape around Ron's exit, or entry).  I released them and they greeted us. 

All the cats are home.  The weather is miserably cold (for Houston, 30's F) and windy. 

I ate and took my meds, then took a nap.  I woke up with both Torbie and Gravy in bed with me.  One on each side.  Awww. 

Gravy gives me such cute little meows when I wake up. 

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