Thursday, February 5, 2015

Torbie and Gravy

I was heartbroken.  Torbie didn't sleep in the bed last night.  She had been, the last few nights, as she does when I'm in physical pain and/or depressed. 

She'd been scampering around the laundry room last night and emerged, this morning, looking refreshed after a kitten-free night.  I'm glad it wasn't me. 

My headache came back after I went to sleep, and progressively worsened.  I took Excedrin at 1 AM.  It was bad enough I even got some sleep after all that caffeine. 

I felt fair to partly crappy.  We still had to work, so I did the minimum.  No shower, no God time.  I brushed my teeth and hair, put on clean clothes. 

Later on today, I found another $40 in the dryer.  I think that's the last of my money (I washed what was left of my pay, forgetting it in a pants pocket).  It's nice and crispy now. 

We went to work and I did it all.  They were waxing in front of our fridge which made life difficult.  They were using the Walmart microwaves we'd brought. 

We left, came home.  I was pretty exhausted but Ron really wanted Mexican food, and I decided I could eat.  I kept thinking about shrimp quesadillas. 

We went to the taqueria and got our food - Ron got plenty to-go for later.  Our pickup was nearly an hour late but it was an otherwise nice date. 

We got home and Ron wanted to run change, an incredibly loud process.  I finally begged him to stop so I could please take a short nap. 

He seemed surprised.  I was a little frustrated, but I laid down. 

I went to sleep with Gravy purring on my leg.  I woke up with Torbie next to my leg, Gravy gone. 

She is pretty territorial when it comes to my bed. 

I hope she didn't smack him too hard. 

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Anonymous said...

"gravy" cutest name ever :)

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