Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The left arm

Today had a lot more excitement than I'd planned. 

I got up later, took my shower, and did my God Time later.  I got dressed, wearing a short sleeved shirt because I was going to get my blood drawn. 

Doc wants me to check the chemistry panel and lithium level every year.  That way we know if my medications are affecting my liver and kidneys.  Doc could lose his license if this isn't done, and he would certainly fire me as a patient if I refused to do it. 

I don't mind.  I donated almost 3 gallons of blood after Ron's accident, so I'm used to getting stuck, and the blood labs are a lot gentler than the blood center! 

Our ride was late, parked in front of #2's trash heap, and proceeded to play 3-card monte with the other wheelchair in the vehicle, moving it forward unnecessarily because he didn't want to park (apparently) Ron's wheelchair in the wheelchair parking spot on the passenger side.  Then he played around with his computer for a while, the door tightly locked. 

After he moved the other wheelchair, and rebooted his computer, and played around with his papers for a while (I'll remind you he was nearly an hour late, and the computer would have told him that), he finally opened the door. 

I tried to board, and he shouted at me, demanded I produce Ron's ticket and ID card (he is fully capable of carrying his own cards), and then got angry because he thought I was moving towards the door.  He had a tantrum, went back on the vehicle, and slammed the door.  He sat there for about 5 minutes. 

Ron called dispatch and explained what was going on.  When the driver saw Ron on the phone he came out again, ignored the pass and ID card, and loaded Ron, still screaming at me to stay away from that door!  No other driver has done this.  I was baffled and alarmed. 

We're trusting our safety to this guy, and he's not rational.  That is scary. 

After he loaded Ron he came down the steps and stood by the door.  I was bad.  I let him stand there a minute until he began exhibiting impatient body language. 

"Oh, I can get on now?  OK."  And I got on.  I sat next to Ron. 

The driver took the scenic route, ignoring the directions from the GPS, and got us there late.  I was glad to see him leave, but both Ron and I made a point of saying thank you when we got off. 

I set Ron up with a latte at Starbucks.  We would rather wait at Starbucks than the blood draw lab.  Nothing to do at the lab. 

I wish I had brought my Kindle.  Ron called and had our pickup "fixed" because I wouldn't have had enough time to get my blood test. 

I got his latte (skinny vanilla with 6 splendas) and headed out. 

I called him as I walked.  I told him the dying restaurant had finally died and had become a buffet restaurant, and it smelled pretty good (remember I hadn't eaten any breakfast due to the blood test).  I told him I was turning off my phone and did so. 

I did not want my phone ringing when they were trying to stick me with a needle. 

I got to the center, they had 2 people instead of one.  I guess they are planning on a lot of blood tests. 

I think "Affordable Care" has been really good for their business.  People can't afford a doctor's office lab test but they can go to the independent lab. 

I like how I can pick what tests I want. 

I told them I wanted a lithium level, a chemistry panel, and a complete blood count.  I am curious to see if I am anemic.  My diet isn't great, and I'm tired all the time.  It wouldn't surprise me. 

The boss managed to combine my tests into a "package" and save me $50.  Awesome. 

I told them I wanted my results sent to both doctors, my primary and my psychiatrist.  I think my primary has a right to know what's going on and my psychiatrist has made it pretty clear that is the ONLY thing he practices. 

Then they tried to stick me.  Without fail, everyone loves the right arm.  It apparently has a good vein.  Apparently. 

It wasn't behaving today.  My arm was blue from the tourniquet, which I had told them to tie tightly.  She gave up and called her boss. 

The boss came over and dismissed the right arm, focusing on the left.  She found a tiny vein almost at the outside corner of my elbow.  She got "a butterfly" and went after it. 

It stung more than a regular needle, and I could certainly feel it in my arm.  I tried very hard not to move or even breathe deeply.  They kept asking me if I was "OK" and I told them yes, I didn't want to screw it up.  They told me I was bleeding fine and filled up 2 big vials.  Then we were done. 

I told her I had taken an aspirin recently and she put a big bandage on my arm, holding the gauze.  It did bleed a little. 

I left.  I turned on my phone and Ron called. 

We chatted a little as I walked back.  I went to the Kolache factory.  They only had 2 cream cheese, so I got some ham and cheese also, for dinner. 

I bought 2 diet Dr Peppers and went back to Ron.  I drank the soda and ate my cream cheese while I waited with Ron. 

Our next ride arrived promptly at 11.  We had to wait for half an hour outside the next client's house, but I was OK with that.  God knows other clients wait on us.  Ron can be very slow leaving the house. 

Finally home, I took my morning meds (I have to take with food, and I couldn't eat this morning), and took a nap. 

It wasn't very quiet because it is garbage day for my subdivision, I could hear the truck and the workers.  But I sure don't want any garbage! 

I have pretty much trained myself to tune it out. 

I got up around 3 and did my God Time, watched a little TV, and then got on the computer.  Now that my blog is done (for today!) I'm going to go clean the litter boxes, wash my hands very well, and then eat some dinner. 

I am curious to see what the lithium thinks of ham and cheese kolaches + lithium.  I can't do lithium + steak, I literally vomit. 

"You're probably the only man in Houston" I told Ron "Whose wife would rather have a hamburger, than a steak." 

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