Sunday, February 19, 2017

"God wants you take the day off"

Yesterday, I woke up with a nasty headache.  It wasn't too bad, though.  I took a couple of aspirin and went back to bed for an hour.  Apparently I did my God Time later because my bookmarks were all moved forward today (to today's reading, not yesterday's). 

I got up and took a shower.  Headache still persisting.  I knew this would be a rugged day, as I had to go to Sam's Club and buy 20+ cases of drinks, put them on the cart, take them off the cart, move them around a lot.  Not going to be fun. 

I took my morning medication which probably flipped me into a full blown migraine.  Wellbutrin can make the blood vessels in my head clamp down, and that's bad if I have a headache already.  But I didn't want to be depressed, either. 

We went to the store and I bought everything, going light on the snacks.  We can always go back later for snacks.  I bought plenty of pastry and such. 

Since Snack #3, my "cookie" vending machine has been moved to a prominent location, I am really focusing on keeping it stocked.  Long story short, if you put in 3 quarters to buy a 70 cent item (our price on a 1 ounce bag of chips), you won't get your change.  2 repairmen have failed to fix the problem.  Cookies cost 75 cents, so they put in 3 quarters they aren't getting change.  If they put in a dollar they get their quarter back (at least, no one has told me otherwise).  So I keep it stocked with cookies.  When we raise prices, we can put chips in there but not until then. 

It does have what I call a "magic push" - if an item hangs up it keeps pushing the item out until it falls and breaks the laser beam at the bottom of the machine.  That is a very cool feature I have in 2 vending machines. 

I bought some blueberry muffins and ate one, with a cold soda, hoping that would help.  Sometimes it does.  It didn't. 

Jack was late.  Communication difficulties.  He finally showed and we loaded the truck.  I forgot to tip the guy who helped us.  I feel terrible about that. 

We went to work and unloaded.  On my way in with the mag-liner (a folding metal handcart), I got stuck in the door.  The door has an alarm, if it is held open too long it emits an earsplitting alarm.  It is horrible and the last thing I wanted with a headache. 

I had a choice, let the alarm go while I tried to fix it, or yank the cart through the door, letting a couple of cases of water fall on the floor.  I did the latter.  I got it in right as the alarm began to sound. 

Then I went out (there is a barricade, with metal bars and turnstiles for people without carts and wheelchairs), and examined the damage.  The water, as I'd assumed, was fine.  It's designed to take a lot of abuse, a 3-foot fall isn't going to do any damage.  The green tea, on the other hand, had a destroyed wrapper. 

Many soda products have less packaging now to please the eco-crowd.  Most items now have a small cardboard square on the bottom with a surrounding plastic wrap holding everything together.  The cardboard square does not have a lip or any way to hold the drinks in place. 

That's how they packaged the green tea.  The plastic wrap was destroyed, the drinks were fine, and the cardboard sat there looking at me, useless.  I had to leave it all over the floor and go find some kind of receptacle for the drinks. 

I found a reusable tote we use for coin dumps at the bank, and brought that back.  It fit all 24, 500ml, green teas just fine.  I propped the door open (only for about 30 seconds!) and quickly put the fallen waters back on the cart, then picked up the tote bag full of soda and put that on top.  Then I closed the door, before the alarm. 

I took that cart back to the fridge.  I unloaded the single tea bottles, one at a time, onto a happily vacant shelf.  Then I put the 8 cases of water into the fridge in their designated location. 

Now I could stock.  I took the cart back and viewed the machines.  The snacks didn't really need anything, so I will get them tomorrow.  I put the newly purchased snack items onto the rack and tried to help Ron, the whole while my head is ringing like a bell of pain. 

We finally finished and went home.  Our driver was a very tentative driver, going very slow.  I nearly vomited in his cab from the headache pain but I don't think he knew.  I was so happy to get out. 

Once I got Ron in the house, I took a Phenergan and went to bed.  Praise God the kids next door were quiet and let me sleep.  I woke up, a couple hours later, still feeling awful, ate another muffin, and went back to bed. 

I felt better when I finally woke up this morning, around 7.  I got up, took a shower, and did my God Time.  I don't know when I did my God Time yesterday, but I must have.  Maybe in the evening.  Still lots of sacrifices, which a pastor will tell you is to "remind us of our sinful nature".  Anything could make a person unclean back then. 

At any rate, I got dressed and ready.  We were going out to breakfast at the BBQ place. 

We had a good ride with a nice driver.  We had a long wait in line, which made me glad I had Ron in the wheelchair.  He ordered ribs with beans, I got French Toast.  I should have gotten some of those little breakfast links.  Those are so good. 

It was incredibly crowded, but a manager found us a table and put our food down (I can't carry a tray when I'm pushing the wheelchair).  We ate our food (mine, when it came), and left, because I told Ron they needed the table.  We waited outside for a while. 

Our driver was early, a guy we have had for years, but haven't seen in years.  It was nice to see him again.  We had a good time talking. 

We had a straight trip home.  I had taken "Everything" - a whole day's medication, at the restaurant, so I was pretty tired.  I took another nap. 

Torbie joined me.  I was going to do laundry but Ron talked me out of it, telling me God wanted me to take the day off. 

I'll buy that. 

I'm glad he's never had a migraine.  If he knew he was "making" me work with one, he would never forgive himself, but Jack can only help us on Saturday.  As far as he understands it was just a bad headache. 

It's my own fault, Friday night we went to Carl's Junior and I ate 2 chocolate chip cookies.  Chocolate can be a migraine trigger for me.  In this situation, it was. 

We have a severe weather front inbound and that may contribute, my aunt says that always sets her up for a migraine.  She has such bad ones she sees a specialist for them.  Ouch. 

It makes me glad I didn't have kids.  My cousins don't have migraines, but my mother did, and I would hate to watch a child of mine suffer with a migraine. 

So, I get a couple of hours to myself.  My vitamins came the other day so I gave Ron his Milk Thistle and B-12.  He says the b-12 helps with the neuropathy, enough that he asks for more.  I also got him some olive leaf, he was almost out. 

I think I'll go watch Hoarders for a while. 

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