Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday brunch

I had a pretty quiet day. 

I slept in until 8, woke up, had a diet soda, took a shower, took my pills with a snack, and did my God Time.  I read the Bible through every year.  I've done it for a while now.  God knows how many times I've read the Bible through, I'd say "More than once, less than 10". 

I decided to take a nap, after my God Time.  However, one of my neighbors decided to play loud music, starting at 11:30.  It woke me up.  I think it was the people behind us.  Ron didn't want to investigate so I didn't.  I just made sure it wasn't #19.  We couldn't hear the words but the bass was very loud.  The people behind us had their patio door open, and a boy playing in the yard, so I think it was them.  He's probably the one who broke that board on my fence.  I had to cover it up with another board so the dog didn't get through. 

They have a vicious dog.  I wonder sometimes if that's who got Gravy before I had to put him down. 

I got up and talked to Ron for a little bit.  TNT was showing another Lord of the Rings movie, so I watched that for a little bit.  I cooked one of my frozen lasagnas, which had a hot-lava molten consistency when I took it out of the microwave.  I had to let it sit for about 10 minutes to make sure it was safe.  By the time I felt safe eating it, it was cold.  This is why I don't like lasagna.  It did claim to have a lot of protein, though, but it was definitely light on the cheese. 

I got that down and took my afternoon pills.  Ron said he was going to get drunk and go back to bed (after discussing tomorrow's trips), so I took another nap.  Biscuit joined me.  I slept OK in spite of the music, which went until probably 5.  Everyone else was pretty quiet. 

It was a nice cuddle with Biscuit.  He would lay his leg on top of mine, press his legs against me, etc.  Even when I moved, he stayed in the bed, cuddling.  He's such a sweet boy. 

He even gets in my lap sometimes.  He has become a real cuddle cat.  Bubba (the black cat in my photos) only got in my lap once, during his whole life.  I was very depressed about Ron's drinking and wondering if I would have to leave him.  I was sitting in a chair out back and Bubba came up to me, getting in my lap.  I was freezing out there but I stayed put because I knew this was a one-time-deal.  And, sure enough, Bubba never got in my lap again. 

Baby Girl gets in Ron's lap, when he's lying down.  She didn't transfer any of that to me when he was in the hospital, she just moped around the house crying.  I finally brought her some dirty laundry, an old shirt he had worn for a few days, and let her smell it.  She was happy after that.  Torbie is my most cuddly cat, and Biscuit comes in second. 

I finally got up.  Ron's still asleep.  He's really quiet.  Times like this I wonder "Is he dead?".  I'm sure he isn't, but I will probably go check before I go to bed, just to be sure. 

I have to get up at 4 AM, so I'll probably just watch a little bit of Hoarders before I go to bed. 

I hope you had a good weekend.  I pray for you every day. 

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