Thursday, February 9, 2017

Men in Black

I went to sleep last night with Torbie, and woke up with Biscuit.  It made up for not sleeping very well. 

I got up, brushed my teeth, and performed my primary function - feeding Biscuit.  I took a shower and got ready to go. 

We were going to Carl's Junior for breakfast.  Our pickup was a little late so I had time to put up one of the garbage cans. 

#2's landlady was rather critical of my house, at one point, so I found it amusing when I saw one of their "trash" paint buckets leaked paint all over the gutter, and then leaves blew along and got stuck in the paint.  She has a white lake, full of dead leaves, in front of her house. It's dry now and no fixing it. 

So much for "my" house looking bad. 

We left for the restaurant.  Ron decided to try a Breakfast Burger, too.  He liked it. 

We ate and talked, then rode back home on paratransit. 

I was annoyed to see "Mr." #6's work pickup in front of our driveway, blocking access for the wheelchair lift.  His wife apparently had a friend over, the friend parked in "his" spot, and he parked in front of our house rather than across the street. 

He came out after a while (Ron was slowly struggling down the steps), and moved his truck.  Nice to know he will, in fact, move it if he sees a need.  Normally he tells us no.  I just wish he would stay off our property and park across the street.  You and your wife each have a large vehicle.  You have a passenger van for your little school transport business.  You want to have guests over.  You have six, count it, six, children.  You would think he would buy a place with more parking. 

Anyway, the driver had to carry the wheelchair down the stairs once Ron basically crawled down.  Ron got in the wheelchair and we went into the house. 

I decided to take a nap.  We were going to the bank later in the day.  I didn't have much success, "Mrs" #6 had decided to entertain her friend in the backyard, next to my bedroom wall, and I could hear them talking and laughing.  The friend finally left about the time I got up.  Torbie slept with me again, though, that was nice. 

She's so soft and silky.  I am so glad we are feeding this food. 

I got up and we waited on our ride.  When the ride came, the vehicle was full.  The van had a client in a large scooter, with several big bags on the back handles, one man taking up two seats, and another woman taking up 2 seats.  All that left us were two seats in the back, assuming we could move the large bags on the back of the woman's wheelchair. 

The driver did that and got us situated.  We took the woman home (turns out the man was with her), and saw a loose pit bull running around. 

I don't have a problem with dogs even though I am not a "dog person", but the scooter was so large it set off an alarm on the lift when the driver lowered it.  The lift beeped very loudly, upsetting the dog, who put his ears back and came towards the vehicle.  Happily, by then, the lift had touched ground and the beeping had stopped. 

I asked the driver to please shut the door (the man had gotten off) "Unless you want a new pet".  She did so.  The dog went back to his owner, who was literally sitting on a basketball in his own driveway. 

We got to the bank at about 3:30.  The bank closes at 4.  It's in a moderately bad neighborhood.  I would not want to wear my engagement ring in the neighborhood, or anything "nice".  It is near the gym I am considering joining. 

I don't like to talk about our banking, but I will need to in order to explain what happened.  We bring in $1 bills and trade them for $20's.  Sometimes we deposit the $1 bills.  It depends. 

At any rate, they have to "run" the $1 packs in a machine.  The machine counts the money and tallies a total.  A "pack" of $1 bills equals $100. 

She put the first pack into the machine and pushed the button.  All of a sudden it came to a dead halt and began beeping.  They (a manager came) spent the next 5 minutes picking dollar bills out of the machine.  That accomplished, she was all set to "run" it again on the same machine. 

One bill, by the way, looked as though it had been torn in half and both halves wadded together.  I asked, nicely, for them to use another machine instead, since "This one clearly has problems and we all want to go home soon". 

Dale Carnagie said you have to make it in the other person's best interest to help you out.  She did want to go home soon.  She didn't want to spend all night messing with the machine.  I just reminded her of that. 

So, she got another machine.  It worked perfectly.  We ran the money and did our business. 

Ron called Lou the cab driver to bring us home. 

Now I have another funny story to tell you.  Ron folds his money.  A $1 bill, to him, is folded "shortwise".  A $5 bill is folded twice, shortwise.  A $10 bill is folded short, then long.  A $20 bill is folded long, then short.  Ron never deals with any denomination above a $20. 

Anyway, he had some money he hadn't folded.  He thought they were fives so he gave Lou a couple.  Lou told Ron that was very funny, but $3 wasn't going to pay his bill.  Ron laughed, thinking Lou was joking. 

Lou got a little upset and asked me (I was already) to look at the money and please tell Ron they were $1 bills.  I did. 

Ron, embarrassed, got out more money.  Were they $5's?  Yes?  OK.  He gave Lou an extra for his trouble. 

We came in the house.  Things were pretty quiet for about half an hour until the #6 kids came home.  They spent over an hour outside screaming at the top of their lungs. 

 I don't envy the parents.  I have to wonder, did they choose not to use birth control, hoping for lots of children, or were they "ooops" babies?  I'll never know. 

I was happy when they went inside. 

Earlier, when I put away the recycle can (I put Ron's empty vodka bottles into it and set it out at the curb on trash day), I saw a full pouch of Capri Sun over by the catio.  So one of the kids threw a juice at my cats.  Nice kids. 

I'm glad I locked up the cats.  The world is sick and evil, too evil for innocent cats to be wandering around. 

That's probably what happened to Gravy, he encountered the wrong person. 

At 6:30 exactly, while I was typing this, Biscuit came to me for dinner.  I gave him (them) a half cup of dry food and a can of wet.  That's what they get, twice a day. 

Torbie is less "meaty" in her hip area so it is working.  Biscuit still looks as fat as ever, and Baby Girl looks the same, but she wasn't grossly obese like the other two anyway. 

Ron still feeds them treats, but not as many.  They like to hover when he's drinking, Torbie will put a paw on his arm, until he gives her treats.  But he only gives 2-3 (at least, that's what he tells me) instead of 10 or so. 

Ron made a trip to Walmart for me tomorrow.  That will be good for me tomorrow.  I am nearly out of toilet paper (I always have a reserve) and I need more cat food.  I can always use protein bars and diet Mountain Dew, too. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be boring, and I get a nap. 

I'm a little worried.  Ron made a dumb comment about the President while on the phone and I know that stuff is monitored.  I hope we don't get Men In Black showing up at the door to take him off for some education. 

Although it might be what he needs, to cut that out. 


Anonymous said...

Legally, one are entitled to a private, legally marked parking place on the street for handicapped, per ADA. You should do this, Ron should never have to crawl out of a car/truck to get into a w/c. If he falls, it might be ambulance time... You need to do this through the ADA permits, in a licenseing center. It can be done here online. You might have to get city permission, but you should check it out. You pay taxes to have a place to park !!!!!!! It may need to be marked as handicapped/private parking, but still it is your right. YOu should work on this...for both your sakes, peace of mind, and not let Ron get walked on.

Spankadoo Hardcastle said...

I love, loved and always will love love the titles of your blogs!
You are sardonic and ironic!

its friday again!

Ps in an Asian mkt grocery saying names of foods outloud " kim cki" " kum quat" and i see kitty names everywhere!
Lol thanks! Forget the "taters" omg i so see you with a " Tater" how cute and you started the trend!

Many hugs to you and yours

Your kitties have the best lives ever!

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